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    Annual imports from China is 5.25 lakh crore!

    It is estimated that the Annual import of goods from China to India is 5.25 lakh crore out of these 70 percent are imported by Gujarati Businessman. So Where is Make in India?
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    India can never compete with China because they have a different political system than ours. Instead of having a merit-based system for admission to government colleges and for recruitment in government jobs, we have a caste-based system. There is reservation in parliamentary and assembly constituencies also resulting in a caste-based political system also.

    In China, labour cost is much lower compared to India and people are not allowed to go on strike to protest any change in the policy which affects their interests adversely. In India, people demand only government jobs to ensure stability in jobs without much responsibility and other extraneous considerations.

    How can we compete with a communist country like China?

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    In China, there is no voice for the people. People have to follow the government without any deviation. They can't protest for any reason. Can we bring that system to India? Here every person will be having the freedom to talk about whatever he wants. The government can't punish a culprit also. The human rights protection force will come to defend the culprit. In China, there is no vote politics. The value they give for human life is very low. So it is never advisable to compare our country with China.
    As mentioned by the author, there is no much improvement in the industrialisation of this country. As long as corrupt politics will have a big say in many States, how can we expect to Make India successful? Many people in India never want India to flourish. Do many VIPs loot Indian money and purchase assets in other countries? Why? There is no sincerity in many politicians. This is the root cause of this present situation in India.

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    This is very interesting post from the author. Till the outbreak of Corona and the feel that it was China responsible for the spread of the same, India got furious and started working against that country. And we have been heavily depending on raw materials for many finished products including pharma formulations. As soon as India started acting against the import of goods from China, the slogan make in India and made for India has catched up and even today India has drastically reduced the imports. If Gujaratis are importing the Chinese goods even today, may some good sense prevail on them as the rule should be for all and not singled out to the Gujarat. Hope the PM Modi reads this post and ask the businessmen from his state desist from importing goods from dragon country and that would be the biggest blow for the China.
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