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    What is the oldest memorabilia you possess?

    Generally, people possess a treasure of objects collected because of their association with memorable people or events. Such objects need not be expensive. Instead, very simple things which apparently have no monetary value as such often find a place of pride in the collection of memorabilia. Some of such objects may be a collection of letters written by one's grandparents.

    I have a collection of such memorabilia kept in an old briefcase that takes me to the nostalgic past whenever I open it once or twice a year. I have school report cards of my both children's nursery onwards and testimonials obtained by me from my professors for submitting with my various applications for jobs etc. about 45 years ago.

    What are a few objects possessed by you as memorabilia other than old photographs?
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    The greatest memorabilia I possess were the marriage invitation of my parents and the eight month old black and white photograph of mine which is more than 57 years old. My father use to keep all old records and the same trait is transfered to me and when he died, I kept all his belongings and thus even his SSLC certificate is also in possession with me. While going through the old memorabilia we are transported to those days when the happenings were so humble and we are amidst the great transform that was going to take place in those days. That my father has shift to Hyderabad from Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu and that was 65 years back and since then we have settled in Hyderabad and I was born , brought up and studied in this city only. So old memories wont fade away that easily and the memorabilia were the testimony,
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    This is a very interesting thread because somewhere through this thread we are going to remember our childhood or old times once again. As the author has already mentioned that anything other than photographs, I have treasure in this matter. Yes, I call it a treasure because in this treasure I have gifts given by my friends or other special people, even greeting cards that are self-made. I do not get to see self-made cards nowadays, whereas in school days we friends used to make cards and gift each other on New Year, Diwali or other special occasion. Along with this, the most valuable thing is that I have a watch of my father, I still wear it. It was taken by my father when I was in 5th class. Rather, today I also face problems in getting the cell or other parts of that watch when needed etc., but still I use it and it is really very lucky for me.

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    I have many such items in our house. A very old wall clock with a pendulum on the bottom is there with me. This was used by my mother's father and later on, it came to our house. It is in my native place and presently not working. Getting it repaired is also very difficult. Hence we have kept it just like that. I also have an old cot that was used by my grandfather and later on gave it to my mother. That is also in my native place as of now. A fountain pen used by him was also there in my native place with my mother which is in usable condition and sometimes I will be using it as feel happy in using that pen.
    When I was in high school I was active in the Scouts and Guides movement. I appeared for President's scout certificate. A notebook was maintained by me as a part of that examination and that book is still there with me.

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    This is an interesting post by the author rekindling our old memories. I have also got some old items which I have still preserved as a memory of those times. One of them is my student ID card when I was studying in my UG course (1970) about 52 years back. Another is an old transistor radio which was bought by my father from some army people who were returning from someplace in Europe after their training session and bought some lucrative goodies popular at that time. It is still functioning albeit partly and physically is in good shape. It was bought in 1963 that is about 59 years back. Then there is one English grammar book published in 1936 in England and though its colour is faded to brown it is still in an intact stage and can be referred to if so desired. My father used that during his high school exam which was the highest educational qualification in that part of the country at that time. He was in high school in the year around 1939. So these are some of those items which remind us of that time.
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