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    What should be done to take special care of our heart?

    The heart is the only organ in our body that works incessantly throughout our lifetime, be it 80 years or 90 years or even more? That is why it deserves special care by all people.

    Though we are supposed to follow medical advice only in heart-related matters, as a part of general awareness, we can discuss the precautions to be taken for maintaining good fitness.

    As far as, I understand, one of the most important precautions is to take care of the diet. Junk food and deep-fried items containing excessive oil should be avoided and a high fibre balanced diet should be taken regularly.

    Also, physical activities should be continued and regular preventive check-ups must be undergone annually.

    Let us share our thoughts about maintaining our heart's health.
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    A good thread has been brought by the author, as the body is the only instrument which has made us in this world, then of course we need to be very aware about our health. Although all the parts of the body have their own important role and we cannot underestimate any one part but as the author said, we should also take special care of our heart. Certainly a good diet plays an important role in this but along with it a systematic diet is also important. When a person wakes up early in the morning, sleeps on time, eats on time, keeps yoga, exercise, etc. as part of his daily routine, he keeps himself healthy in many ways.

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    Heart is the most important organ of our body and every activity of us depends on the sound function of the heart. We should not give pressure to the heart. That thinking too much about the self and worrying more about others and issues on which we have no hand or bound and thus make the things complicated in the long run. The other day the train stopped at a dark place and the fellow passenger was worried as he was advising the passengers to close the doors else the thieves would enter. The train stopped at the outer signal and the station could be seen from the window, but this particular passenger has been raking up the issue of thieves and looting the things to which nobody cared as the RPF was very much present. These kinds of absurd thinking gives rise to heart problems and there is no treatment for doubt persons.
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    The heart started working. We are born. The heart stopped working. We are dead. Only the heart's working is making all the difference. So we should take care of the heart very cautiously.
    Smoking and consuming tobacco products are very bad for the heart. Both of them will cause problems to your heart. So we should not consume them. Alcohol drinking is also not good for the heart. So we should not drink alcohol. Eating junk food is not good. They will work adversely on our hearts. So we should not take over boiled oily foods and deep-fries. Vegetables are good. The physical moment should always be there and that will give us better health of the heart.
    Blood sugar and Blood pressure should be always under control. If necessary we have to get them checked and if required we have to use the medicines required for that.

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    The heart is a very important item of our body as it pumps the blood in the body and collects it back and sends it to the lungs for oxygenating. The chambers in the heart and its valves are working 24/7 and it is providing blood to each and every part of the body for giving it energy and oxygen and then carrying the various material back for cleaning them in the lungs from where it again gets oxygen and mixes it with blood. It is imperative that we have to take care of this vital body part and should not strain it unnecessarily. Doctors and experts advise many things to keep our hearts in good shape. Taking a low-calorie high nutrient diet is the most important point but equally important is to undertake exercises on a daily basis to avoid depositing fat in the body which is the main cause of load on the heart and affects its capacity to pump blood in the body. Yoga, meditation, and a stress-free life are also said to be favourable to our general health as well as the health of the heart.
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