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    Older film with American banjo

    Hello film fanatics from Portland, Oregon, USA

    About fifteen years ago I was at a fine Indian restaurant with a big video screen here in Portland and saw a scene from a Bollywood film; since then I have been hoping to find out what the film was and I have no idea how to do this.

    The scene involved a very handsome man who happened to have an American banjo. He was being chased through the streets and across a bridge (I assume in Mumbai) by thousands of women. Every once in a while he would play a few notes on the banjo and then he would have to run more to escape the mob. It seemed to be a bit of a riff off on the Beatles film "Hard Days Night" but for some reason it included a banjo!

    (For those who don't know their American folk instruments -- A banjo is a five string instrument with a round body (usually imitation leather) and a guitar like neck (but with five strings; one starts down the neck). If my description is inadequate, google it - I don't think this site allows me to paste a picture.

    Speaking of google, my google searches bring up a billion references to the film "Banjo" but I don't think the title of that picture refers to an American folk instrument...

    Anyways, if you which film this is, or if you know how I would go about finding out which film this is, please let me know. I do have many, many friends who play the banjo (the great majority are not too handsome and rarely chased by mobs of women) and would love to see this.

    Many thanks,

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    There is a film by name banjo that was released in 2016. That means it is a 6-year-old movie only. You are talking about a 15-year-old movie. The storyline of this 2016 film is something different from what you have narrated. But I don't know about the old film which the author was mentioning in this post.
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    Richard, welcome to this educational portal where there is this forum section where we discuss a variety of matters and what you have sought is about some old Bollywood film. If it is a very old black and white film then probably we would not be able to get the details about it but surely share it with you whenever we are able to dig out this information from the archives available in India. Though you have shown interest in the Bollywood films, I understand that you might be having interests in many areas of your liking and I hope that you would be contributing here those discussions and matters by raising new posts here. We look forward to your contributions and welcome you to this creative writers fraternity.
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