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    If you value your time, you will not waste it on useless things that do not matter to you.

    We all are busy in our lives but still, we feel short of time at times. If before sleeping every night, you feel that if you had got a little more time, then maybe it would have been more work, then think a little aware that after all your time is being used for you only, or for someone else. By anyone else, I do not mean your responsibilities towards your loved ones because that is certainly our duty.

    But when this earth can complete one revolution in 24 hours then why can't we do a lot in 24 hours. But many times people waste their valuable time on many tasks like discussing others, the evil of others, their shortcomings, quarrels, the unuseful arguments and later think that time is less.

    Try to spend your time on your growth, success, and building yourself better or an improved version of yourself. Your time is very precious, don't waste it on any such issue which does not help make your life meaningful.
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    That is always true. How best you utilise your time is the prime matter for a person to be successful. Success will never come on its own. You have to struggle and you have to plan properly and work hard and smart to become successful.
    Wasting time on unproductive work and at the end of the day feeling bad for not being able to do the work as planned is of no use. How much time you are spending on your smartphone and is it worth spending that much time? Every person should question himself the same and should justify himself.
    24 hours is very long. We can do many works within that time. All we require is commitment and planning of the tasks properly. Once we do that and if we stick to that schedule we will not waste our time. I feel. It all depends on the intentions of the individual. These days it has become an excuse to say that time is short and I am busy.

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    Those who value the time, they would not waste it even for minute because the time thus gone would not come back and that is the reason for every good beginning a good time or auspicious time is fixed so that nothing should stop after starting the work and that should be finished without the hurdles. And great are those who does the work without wasting their valuable time in discussions and thus they be the testimony for work perfection. And utilizing the time perfectly so that every work would be attended for sure and not missed out. Even while going out, arrange the program in such a way that not a single task is missed and everything be planned time bound and that is the reason being so some are very professional in their approach and seek appointment with others as their time is more precious than others.
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    If we decide to utilise the time perfectly, the same can be done with our pre planning allocating the fixed time for each activity. A good planner will always follow that so that every schedule is followed in the same fashion. There is no denying that a careful planning will allow us to attempt all the essential assignments giving no chance of blaming others.
    We have seen a number of responsible people not complaining of the time crisis despite the hectic schedule. It might be the result of their careful planning due to which they can attain the different jobs successfully.

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    Time is a precious commodity in our lives and we have to utilise it properly and manage it in an optimal fashion. The most intriguing thing about time is that it flows forward and does not go back and consequently we cannot correct or edit anything back in time. In fantasy and science fiction books, people are shown to travel back in time or even travel in future but that is all conjectural and has no logical base. In essence, we have to respect the time that is available to us and utilise it in constructive and positive activities. Wasting time is a big blunder and there is no use repenting on it when it has gone out of our hands. People who understand the value of time are generally successful in their lives and shape a very good career.
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    That's correct and should be kept in mind. Carefully planning out the tasks to do and executing them one by one is always important. Keeping a timeline helps to utilize time properly. Spending time on things that are not essential will hamper the tasks to be completed and people will find less time for important activities. As there is no way to move backwards and redo the tasks according to our choice we need to complete the tasks within the stipulated time. We need to prioritise which are important and which are not and then make the schedule accordingly. Just doing the task may not help always and proper planning to execute all the tasks within the timeframe is essential.

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