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    Make your content more beautiful with the help of Grammarly.

    This thread is not intended for any advertisement or promotion of Grammarly but as a piece of advice or a request. There are many great and knowledgeable experienced writers on the forum of our ISC, who are also keeping this forum active with the art of their writing, which is very commendable.

    We are sharing our thoughts here through different threads and this idea can also be in the form of an article in itself. But I have noticed that while sharing our beautiful thoughts, if we do not take care of the beauty of our content, then it will have a negative impact not only on our content but also on the image of ISC.

    Both ISC and our content are our responsibility and for this, we should improve ourselves every day. I request that all writers must have the Grammarly tool on their laptop or computer, you can easily download its extension and connect it to ISC. I hope most writers are already familiar with this.

    It does not take much time to run Grammarly, after writing your content, in a few seconds, you can immediately correct small mistakes related to grammar like prepositions, tense, articles, commas, etc., it will enhance the beauty of your content too and make your content more attractive.

    My intent here is not to teach any of the writers, I know all the writers present here are more responsible and experienced than I am. This thread is just my experience which I got in my content by Grammarly and with its positive impact, I felt that I should share it with other writers as well.
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    The Webmaster of ISC already advised all the members to use the free version of ISC. Whenever we want to submit an article, the site will ask whether we have downloaded Grammarly. So I think by this time all the members of ISC might have downloaded this tool for English checking and verification.
    A word of caution here. Sometimes, we may be getting some wrong indications also from Grammarly and hence depending on Grammarly completely is also not correct. Many times I was advised by the Editors of Articles section not to depend completely on Grammarly also.
    But definitely, it is a very good tool to improve your English writing skills and the basic version is free of cost and hence you need not worry about the money that you have to spend for using the same. You have to pay only when you have to use an advanced version of Grammarly.
    I am using Grammarly for almost 4 years and it is very useful and comes in handy for people who wanted to improve their language.

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    This site has been working since 15 years and many old members are habituated to the working conditions and rules of the site and therefore abide by every sentence they contribute and that is why their posts are approved by the editor even without editing as done in some cases. But the author made the valuable suggestion and by downloading the Grammarly app, it would facilitate the right usage of words, the sentence formation and even without grammar errors. We are the leading educational website and we are famous across the world and our every content should be of international standards and therefore we have the personal commitment to contribute the best and the ISC also has the responsibility to weed out those contents which do appear time and again not withstanding to our rules and regulations and not within our parameters.
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    Grammarly is a good tool to correct some basic mistakes in our documents. It has a free version as well as a premium one. The free version itself is sufficient for our purpose. Those members who are using the Chrome browser can install Grammarly in Chrome itself and then when we write content it automatically corrects the document while we are typing it. In my experience, it is well-linked with the Chrome browser. Those members who are using other browsers can copy-paste their documents in the Grammarly app and it would correct it and then they can again copy and paste it to the desired place. The basic Grammarly version would not correct for Grammatical and other mistakes of advanced nature but the free version gives an indication of wrongly structured sentences by giving colour to them and one can try to reconstruct those sentences. So to that extent, the free version is quite powerful. I would advise that new members should invariably use Grammarly as it would enhance the presentation of their content.
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    We should not hesitate in using Grammarly in case of any confusion. We need not think that downloading the same would be a costly affair. In fact, it is so handy that we can have the same with its free downloading. Whatever we write, this app would remain with us to guide us in different ways. It is available in the chrome browser but any app other than this, the same can be pasted so that we don't miss this useful app at any cost. It would certainly help us in the right formation of sentences since this app will indicate any flaw that might have crept in the structure of the sentences and one more advantage using this app is the elimination of additional time when we pause for the selection of right words. Here it offers instant service.

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