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    Cool drinks are not good for our health

    Summer is very severe and the day temperatures are increasing. People are feeling very thirsty. The demand may be increasing for cool soft drinks. But it is not advisable to go for these cool drinks. Natural coconut water and lemon water with salt are good for health. Sugarcane juice without adding ice is also good for health.

    The soft drinks that are available in the market like Pepsi. Coca-Cola etc are not good for health. Drinking these drinks may be nothing but inviting many health problems. These drinks will contain heavy sugar. This sugar will give high calories but not any proteins. So the weight will increase. Weight increase may lead to obesity and may cause heart problems also.

    Keeping these points in mind it is better not to consume cool soft drinks this summer.
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    We can see a lot of people habituated with the consumption of cold drinks. May be they are not aware of its severe side effects but once they are addicted to such drinks. Slowly they might feel some health- disorders which were not there. With the progress of the time, they might feel high blood pressure, some elevation of blood sugar levels, constipation etc. High concentration of sugar and caffeine present in such drinks can disrupt the entire organs and such disorders might be visible within a couple of months of its inclusion in our drinking habits.
    However, we might see that there has been substantial drop of the consumers because of wide publicity of its negative effects. The youngsters should be made aware of its dangerous effects through the different platforms restraining them from the cold drinks.

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    For that matter nothing is more healthy and tastier than the earthen pot cold water to heal the thirst and I always desist from having cool drinks which are aerated water, added colors and chemicals and that would ignite burp inside the stomach. Just pore some cool drinks on the floor and you will notice that the foam would appear and would discard the dirt. So please imagine what would happen if same is consumed as cool drink. Coconut water is very good but the way the rates are quoted for every kind of coconut is mind boggling and instead one must have the lemon soda water with salt and that is best for the health for just 20 rupees. Even sugar cane juice is good provided the cane is kept in the fridge and that chilness is enough to have the cool effect. But I have mud pot and the water is changed two times a day and that gives the total cooling effect and the thirst would vanish for sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author is correct consuming cool drinks are not good for health. But though this is good concept many people do not follow strictly, automatically we move to a cool drink shops when we are feeling thirst or tiredness while going out on road. Coconut water can be consumed and sugar cane juice without ice can be consumed. Fresh fruit juices are available in many shops and we can consume without ice.
    In our childhood times, my father was dead against on us from consuming stick attached ice creams. And because of that practice we all our brothers stopped consuming stick ice creams and we practice the same to our children also.

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    A good thread by the author, certainly some products are made only with a view to profit, and the health of the people is openly ignored, so there is a great need for us to be aware. One thing which is true is that thirst can be quenched only with water, knowing that no cold beverage is capable of this, people ignore their health only for some taste. To some extent, it is also okay in some special conditions, but its excess has a negative effect on the internal organs, so we need to make a little distance from such products.

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    It may not be possible to avoid drinking artificially made and artificially cooled drinks sometimes. However, each one has different disposition and body response. Hence for those prone to getting cold and other health issues it is better to avoid cool dinks. They can take water at room temperature or even take warm water.

    Of colours it may be ideal to avoid all artificially/mechanically made and artificially chilled food items. If we cultivate healthy habits from childhood, it is easy to follow them later also. But our present life is far from such ideal aims practically. Hence it is better to take a practical approach of avoiding such things as far as possible and consume them in moderation when unavoidable or no alternative is at hand immediately.

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