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    What are the things or people that inspire or have inspired you in your life?

    Let us share our experiences about things or people that inspire or have inspired us in our life?

    I have a very long list of things or people that inspire or have inspired me. However, a few of them are as follows -

    1. Healthy people who take their health seriously but at the same time can have fun with their friends and make healthy choices to live life to the hilt.

    2. People who have faith when times are hard. Faith that life will move on and things will be okay in some way and somehow.

    3. Emergency service professionals - soldiers, police and healthcare workers etc. who help protect and save lives.

    Let us discuss and compile a list of things or people who inspire us or have inspired us in our life.

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    There are many people who inspired me in different stages of my life.
    1. When I was a high school student, the science teacher inspired me and encouraged me to go for science stream in my education. He inspired me so much I have given preference to B.Sc after intermediate over B. E / B. Tech,
    2. My Chemistry lecturer in my intermediate inspired me and made me a Chemistry lover and I have gone for B.Sc. Chemistry with his inspiration only.
    3. My Professor of Analytical chemistry who taught me analytical chemistry in M. Sc inspired me with his teaching and made me to go for PhD under his guidance after M.Sc. His inspiration only made me to go for analytical chemistry in PG and then PhD.
    4. I had an uncle whowas a regional manager(Sales) in a very big MNC manufacturing various formulations. He was very punctual and very much duty bound. The way he was presenting himself and communicating with others is of very high order. His way of working inspired me and I grasped many important factors from him that are very useful for me in my career.

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    Healthy people spend more money on health related items and they would not compromise the quality and use the branded items to keep their health good and fit. They may give absurd choice to others, but when it comes to their personal preference they would not deviate from the set standards. And fools are those who take it granted that the life would move on good and going. Not everyday is good day as there are going to be setback, challenging phase and even loosing some near and dear ones. And for everyone of us doctors are more important and they must live healthy and happy so that they would have the time and energy to look after others and as regards other professionals , all are paid class, and they have to render their duties as assigned and their work would not stop even they absent for one day.
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    Inspirations health wise is secondary but character building is very important rather than anything. Though we follow some good health practices from some one the same will be criticized by another. But Character building is always good to one's life till his or her death.
    The very first person in such category to me is my grand father (father's father). He is not only to me but all of our brothers, he used to take us to the post office, banks etc., and trained to have knowledge in dealing bank or post office activities.
    Second is our father, who trained us through his actions that is keeping patience at every situation. He never got tension or worry at any situation.

    Third my college HOD Commerce department, He was then MA, M.Com, LLb, His teachings were very practical. Even today I am remembering means that only because of his teachings.

    Lastly my senior in my major employment under whom i worked for 24 years. He trained me how to handle employees and outsiders with patience in spite of our tensionful situation.

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    I am very much inspired by such people who do not give up on life. I have seen a very close one whose problems and sorrows of life could be easily seen by the whole world but still, he used to present with the happiest personality. I never listened to them sing the song of my troubles, though he is not too fit as per health or financially but his positive attitude make an atmosphere around him, he always motivates others.

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    Anyone having virtues of some kind and had achieved success in his life always inspires us. There are many qualities of such people and most of them are not only adorable but also good for following. I am also inspired by people having outstanding qualities. I have seen many people who have some specific traits and if we could inculcate a few of them then our lives would also be happy and satisfied. Though there are so many good things personally what I value most is discipline and regularity in our lives. I am much inspired by the people who value time and perform their duties in time in a disciplined way. This is one attribute that makes a great difference in our lives and we can perform very well if we attain that attribute in our lives.
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