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    Why should we rise early in the morning?

    It is truly said that no one can buy time. Time is a unidirectional and irreversible phenomenon and once gone, never returns. It is also said that time cannot be stretched or extended.

    But just consider the advantages of rising early. A person rising at 05.00 AM in the morning gets extra 2 hours than the other person who rises late at 07.00 AM.

    The first two hours of the morning are golden hours. One can complete many things in these two extra hours which otherwise you keep postponing citing the paucity of the available time. People can do physical exercise for 40-50 minutes, complete their household chores and the students can revise their lessons.

    People can get ready to go to their workplaces without hurrying and travel without taking risks.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    What I feel that by waking up early in the morning there are many advantages and helpful to us during the course of the day. I have the habit of waking up at 4 am and after bath I pray the God which is called the Brahma Muhurta ie before the sun rises and this is the time the Devatas would be free and they would listen to our woes and also grant the boon. Apart from that there would be eerie silence in the home and the planning for the day can be noted and followed. And this is the time the best thoughts, new thoughts would emanate in the mind because we are free from any distractions and our total concentration is assured and ensured. I am right now enjoying the early morning wake up and feel I am at the top of the world with some personal achievement and more over I prepare the Coffee for the whole family to drink and enjoy at 5 am.
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    If we are the early risers, we can contemplate how we should start our unfinished jobs left out in yesterday. There is a pin drop silence in the atmosphere helping us to achieve full concentration. We can start our yoga postures for at least half an hour or so for maintaining our perfect health. The prevalence of unusual silence is the best time for the planning for the entire day so that no important role is left. If we miss the early morning hours, the planning process for the entire day might not be smooth where there is every possibility that a few jobs would remain untouched due to hectic programming. By the time, the other members are getting up, we might have completed essential tasks for the entire day including our early bath giving us a sense of satisfaction.

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    I completly agree with the author. It is always advisable to get up early in the morning. If we get up early in the morning we will have peace of mind as just we are fresh from sleep and there are no outside distrubances and it will be pleasant atmosphere. I used to get up early and study for about one and half an hour. I used to grasp the subject very fast in that time and I used to remember those lessons for a long time.
    When we get up early, we can plan the whole day in the first hour itself and we can follow the plan during the entire day. Doing Pranayama in the early morning in the just rising sun atmosphere will be very good and will give us good health also. Many people who get up early in the morning will use sometime in the morning for their morning walk or exercise. That will have many health benefits only. Morning outside walk is very pleasant and we will enjoy the nature better early in the morning as the distrubances are very less.

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    The author brings a nice thread. There are many benefits of waking up early in the morning which we have been told since childhood and it really happens. Although my habit includes that I wake up early every morning, if I do not wake up early in the morning, then the whole day passes in a very sluggish and less productive form. The biggest advantage of waking up early in the morning, I understood that we are able to take out a lot of time for ourselves, by giving ourselves some time in the morning in the form of yoga meditation, etc., we get a lot of change in ourselves and when we get time for ourselves. If so, we are able to make plans for the day with a very calm mind. A planned day is relatively better, this is the experience of most people. In the early morning, we can also connect ourselves with nature, actually pure nature.

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    It is said that - early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy wealthy and wise. So getting early in the morning might be beneficial to the people but the necessary condition for that is to go to bed early and unfortunately today a few people are able to do that. Most of the students, as well as adults, have a habit of doing work till late at the night and they are sleeping only after the date changes. In such a scenario how can we expect that they would be getting up early in the morning? There are very few people who are doing their work in the early morning hours and going to bed early at the night. These people are benefited much as it is a healthy practice to do so. It is also true that in morning hours our mind is very fresh and we can have better efficiency in morning hours.
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