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    If ISC is a meal plate - Forum, Articles, Ask Experts, Jobs are the ingredients and your take?

    Just imagine ISC is a meal plate in which the items like Forum. Articles, Ask Experts, Jobs, and other varieties are kept ready for eating. What would you first take? Forum is for enhancing continued knowledge, the Article section is for those who want to make quick money through their writing profess, Ask Experts is for those who have profound knowledge on the matters and issues raised by others and give befitting replies, and the job section is for those who want to make consistent money through this site. What is your meal preference?
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    A statement made by the author with an excellent exceptional example. Although there are many menus on the plate of food, not everyone can digest everything properly. Many also vomit again. So many people are afraid to eat the whole plate. I prefer to eat the whole menu but often suffer from indigestion. However, the forum menu is my favorite. But everyone should at least taste everything.

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    ISC is a full meal plate for all its users. There are varitrties of dishes that suits different people. There are people who always go for the same dish. There are members who eat a little here and a little there like that. We should all thank the Webmasters for making us to enjoy everyday full meal here. Similarly, we should also thank editors who are advising us what to eat, where to eat and when to eat. All editors are like expert chefs who are guiding all the members in making the dishes with a good taste and making this place more attractive. There are members who are making the items differently and trying to see that more visitors will come and enjoy here.
    Forum is like the main dish in this plate. It is like chapathi or rice for me. All others are side dishes and I enjoy side dishes along with the main dish. I request all the members not to be happy with only one or two dishes. They should taste all other dishes also so that they will get the full meal satisfaction.

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    This is a very different but interesting thread, I don't know how we can define ISC, but from many responses and threads from other authors that are about ISC, one thing is certain this platform is for us. matters much more. We have made it a part of our lives, with whom we love spending time so much that from time to time we find many names or definitions for it and share it with other authors. Really, thank you to everyone associated with ISC in whatever form they are, for bringing this platform to the fore.

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    The author has presented a tasty picture of ISC by imagining the various sections as food being offered on a platter. Individuals have different likings and accordingly, they would pick up the section where they want to contribute. Most of the members are confined to the forum section while some are more inclined to the article section. Some are regularly answering in the Ask Experts section while some are updating the educational information. A few members are devoted to the job section also. Now my feeling in this matter is that it would be better to engage oneself in at least 2 to 3 sections so that one does not have a monotony which is generally the cause of distraction. By doing that one would be able to enlarge one's creative span.
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