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    Do you agree that internet is the most marvellous invention of our lifetime?

    We have been lucky to have witnessed many discoveries and inventions during our lifetime.

    Personal computers, satellites, email, space stations, GPS, DNA profiling, smartphones and corona vaccines are some of the major discoveries and inventions of our lifetime.

    However, I feel that nothing has changed human life like the internet. Now, the world has shrunk to our fingertips. We can buy everything online, have meetings and consult professionals like lawyers and doctors online and study or work while sitting at home. Nowadays we have access to all kinds of information rendering encyclopedias redundant. We have become just a bird on the World Wide Web.

    What are your observations regarding this?
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    That is very correct. The life styles of people changed and there is a sea change in the world with the invention of internet. Many imventions mentioned by the author are happened mainly due to the existence of internet. Without wifi we might have missed many things. During lock downs internet only made us to perform many duties. Work from home, online classes etc. are feasible as the internet is available only. If there is no internet none of these might have not happened and our life might have become more critical those times.
    We are able to do many things simply sitting before our computer connected with wifi. As a matter of fact, we might have faced very bad conditions those times if we have no internet. Literature survey has become very easy and what is happening around the world is being known to us in no time because of this internet only. So I completely agree with the author that internet invention is the best invention we have seen so far in our life time and further developments may also take place with the help from internet.

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    Surely the internet is the most marvelous invention to the mankind and everyone of us are greatly indebted to those who continuously work on improvising the same on daily basis. The most marvellous among them is the opening of UPI facilities through which the fund transfers are made and received and all done through the mobile, more secure, more instant and yet with pride and satisfaction of helped someone in time. Gone are the days when we used to stand in the queue for fund transfer and that would be done in 48 to 72 hours and sometimes it may not be done for technical reason. Moreover the cell phone and the internet are compensating and complementing each other in many ways and our daily works are done without any hassles and thus our life has become easy, lots of time is saved and above all peace of mind.
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    During the last few centuries, science had progressed phenomenally and many machines and gadgets were invented by scientists. With more and more inventions new ways of communicating with each other and doing the jobs were devised by the researchers and innovations became the order of the day. In that journey of scientific advancement, computers were born which revolutionised our lives in a great way and then they started to communicate with each other using the electromagnetic waves and storing the common data in huge memory devices (servers) and whoever wanted to see that used an internet protocol and accessed it. This gave birth to the world wide web (WWW). There is no doubt that it changed the way we lived, perceived things, and managed our jobs on this while sitting in a remote location. Today it is so widespread that we cannot think of our lives without the internet. Everything is coming to us through it and we are sending communications and other things through it to all our social contacts, friends, colleagues, and relatives. There is no physical contact but people are participating in a meeting or conference from various places on the globe as easily as a touch of a button. Software development and artificial intelligence (AI) are the game-changer at this juncture and that day is not far when we execute things from remote through the highly trained and expert robots. The growth potential of the internet is tremendous and the possibilities are endless.
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