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    Role of Digital media as a knowledge hub for all

    Where in the age of globalization we have no choice but to adopt the digitization method to keep pace with the world. In each case, the effects of digitalization have been noticeable, with many being able to use as textbooks libraries in education, enabling those with financial disabilities not only to study but also to become world-class. As the students benefit from it, the teachers are also able to use it to teach further benefits to the students. On the other hand, by ensuring the best use of information and communication technology in the overall development of the country, this digital media has created an economic environment conducive to a fourth industrial revolution in the country. So if you are looking for any knowledge, you can find it here. Leave your comments here.
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    Digital media made us to have all the knowledge in one place like a library of physical books. This has made our life pretty easy and availability of information is easy these days. During my education days, to get some information, we have to go to a library and check for a book and read that to get the information. But now just open your computer and go online. Then search for the information you want and you will get the information with in no time on the screen of your computer. These digitalisation brought many conveniences also to the mankind. As mentioned by the author, this digitilisation has created an atmosphere that is conducive to industrial development. Today many youth are making their living because of this digitalisation only and this has changed the life styles of many people. It is a real knowledge hub fo all types of students as well as professionals.
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    The author has nicely brought in the role of digital media which has become the rule of the present era and many students are benefiting from the digital media studies and the teachers are also having good strategy to make aware the new knowledge hub to all. The days are not far when the digital media would be considered fourth Industrial revolution for sure as the popularity and reach is on the rise. There is a saying that swim along to know more and if you swim against you will miss flow. Same is the case of digital media, the new concept , the new way of teaching and the acceptance at large amply prove that there has been wide scope for further improvising the digital media teaching to further level. But what is the need of the our that bring the unknown people to its fold and expand the knowledge base so that everyone is covered.
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    We have already switched to digital media from print media and the role of digital media is going to increase in the future. Slowly everything is going to be available in the digital world and most things would be materialising in the digital space. The new generation is well conversant in digital media and uses it for various purposes. In our day to day life, the paperwork is reducing and we are learning newer ways of doing things online using digital methods. The only problem in online and digital space is that we have to be very careful as many evil elements are lurking in the digital space to take advantage of the loose ends and bugs which are generally present in the system due to inherent shortcomings in the coding system.
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    The author is right, certainly, digital media has now become an important part of our lives as almost everyone is connected to it. There is no harm in it, as long as you are taking advantage of its good uses and incorporating the hidden knowledge in it. Some people use digital media only for entertainment and the same people waste their time on useless things. Like any other thing, digital media also has its pros and cons, and it's up to us what we want to choose, if you choose the better side you will get better results too.

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