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    The protest, the slogan that was on the concrete wall, is now displayed on the person's wall

    At one time, provocative writing could be seen on the walls of colleges and universities. Many have been inspired by the revolution by reading the writing on the walls. Winter-summer-rain would endure some red or black writing. Those words would catch us in a new form in the thoughts of regular travel. As much as there is now, it is oiled in the praise of the party and the leaders.

    Today's citizens are writing on their own walls in digital media. As well as agreeing on each other's walls, they are also giving different opinions. The walls are being polluted due to mutual hatred. Some people write only to embarrass or humiliate a person or organization, which is contaminating the wall of expression of the individual or group. No writing is permanent here. Due to content varieties, the writing on the walls of the morning changed before the sun came into the middle of the sky. Digital walls should be the canvas of the best slogans of awakening dedicated to the welfare of the society or the state. This wall cannot be allowed to become polluted. Your ideas?
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    Writing on the wall is the most expressive way of communication and sometimes it is done free without paying anything for but the reach would be formidable. When we go to Chennai the writing on the walls by different companies to sell their products would be seen. Most of the walls are constructed to protect from the encroaching and these walls are changed to advertising medium and of course the owner has been paid if the wall is at vantage points. Now the digital walls ha been created with wide canvas carrying the awakening messages but that is not noticed by the society. One thing is sure, we have no right to deface the walls of public importance and therefore writing on the wall must be discouraged at all levels and let there be other medium usd to convey and register the message for the greater reach.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The writing on the well can be red only when we go that way. But if you are walking or travelling in a bus or train or car, if you engage yourself in reading or some other activity, there is no chance for you to see what is there on the wall.
    If somebody is writing on his own wall in the digital media also we need not see that and we can't see unless otherwise we open that page and look.
    But more problems are coming on social media. Twitter is one such thing where people write the way they like and the way they think. Sometimes we feel as if two persons quarelling with each other using this wall as the place for it. People should think and act so that people will not become averse to them. This is mainly due to the politics and political leaders. There should be a change in the mindset of the people and they should not go down to such levels where other peopleeven don't like to see what is being mentioned by him.

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