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    How the parents- teacher meetings were held in olden days ?

    It has become necessity these days to have parent- teacher meeting in every school and college so that the progress of the student is made known to the parents and how the parents who are toiling hard to pay fees are getting back the right response from the child as regards to behavior, studies and over all activities. Bunking the classes were more in those days and the parents may not know. But these days every activity is closely monitored and reported to the parents. Have you ever been caught by the teacher and reported to your parent for any misgivings ?
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    I never had a chance to get caught by a teacher for any misdeed. My uncle was a teacher in the school in which I am studying. He is very close to the Head Master. All other teachers used to respect him very much. All the teachers know that he is my uncle. So if I do anything wrong, immediately the information will go to my uncle and from there to my father. So I used to be very cautious always. By any chance I was not going to the school I used to inform to my uncle and he used to convey the same to the teachers. My marks and rank was known to him much earlier than I know. Many times he used to get the information but he never told me in advance as I may tell the same to other students. Till intermediate I was in the same institute and my uncle was there through out. After getting into the college. my Telugu lecturer was a close friend of my father and a distinct relative also and they are in direct contact. So I have no occasion where I did a mischief and a teacher caught hold of me.
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    In those days the meeting with parents was only very minimum percentage. In those days the parents as well students and teachers were roaming in a circle with morality. They feared for morality. There was respect to teachers from students as well parents. During my school days we casually meet the teachers when we saw them in roads or function halls. Nowadays many students avoid meeting the teachers on the other side of road.
    My grand father only came to the school at the time of admission in 6th standard and my father came to school only to sign in the school records and in my SSLC book (then after 11th standard SSLC, they give one book contains the students progress from 9th standard to 11th standard) that is till that time no parents teacher meeting was not there. The need of such meeting , according to me,arises only if there is problem in the middle.

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    The parent-teacher meeting has changed a lot over time. Initially, the situation was such that people were not aware of words like PTM, but then gradually they understood that this is a meeting in which there will be a discussion about the education of children. In some schools, parents were not called, but the teachers themselves used to visit the children's homes, and the same PTM used to be, Saraswati Shishu Mandir has been such a school. But with time there have been more changes and today PTM is one of the important steps that every school takes and it is mandatory.

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    The parents- teachers meetings are definitely helpful for the guardians to know the real progress of their wards. The teachers would highlight the strengths of the individual pupil apart from their weakness. The teachers would request to the guardians/ parents to look into this so that the pupils could mend their ways so that improvements could be noticeable in the next meetings. Now this pattern is followed in all leading schools for the development of pupils.

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