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    Train yourself to live with minimum comforts

    Our body should be trained to accept all the seasons and all the vagaries of nature and we should not allow more comforts and that would bring more demand and laziness and less productivity. Normally when we are habituated to sleep under the fan breeze, suddenly when we are offered with air cooler or the aricontioner comfort, certainly we would love to have it. But that is not permanent and therefore we should not expect for that kind of comfort. Even today people sleep on the top floor of the house or verandah of their independent house without any big comforts and they sleep nicely.
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    A good suggestions from the author but may not go well with many people. If I was given a chance I always opt for comfortable life. In my childhood days, there was no fan also. We were sleeping in open air and we were using hand fans. When I was purchased a fan for my house when I was doing my PhD only. Till such time no radio or no fan in our house. So people like me today can live without an AC or cooler because we had very tough days and we have seen all difficulties in our lives. Parents never used to pamper their children much. But these days the parents want every comfort and their children definitely feel all these luxuries are their minimum comforts. By any chance tomorrow any problem comes the children can't survive without those luxuries and parents will have a very tough time. So I feel parents of these days should understand to live with minimum comforts and train their children also in that way.
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    A very nice thread by the author which is commendable. The more comfort we give to ourselves, the more likely we are to grow into trouble in the future. In fact, nowadays people have become so used to comfort that they do not want to lose their comfort at any cost. The real joy of life is only when we live a life mixed with advantages and disadvantages. The author is absolutely right that even today in many homes people like to sleep on the floor and in fact their health is relatively good too. A 70-year-old person has the art of adjusting with more enthusiasm than the youth of today, the same youth and children start getting upset when they do not get a little comfort. It all depends only on habits, so if we do not indulge ourselves with such habits which are increasing our comfort zone and making it rigid, till then we are putting ourselves in harm's way.

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    I think that with the advent of electricity, many things got changed dramatically. Nowadays, we cannot imagine living without electricity which not only lights our houses but provides power to run air cooler, AC, TV, geyser, heater, oven, mixer-grinder, electric bell, modem for broadband connection, computer and what not? Funnily enough, just imagine that there was no electricity in the palaces of Ashoka, Shahjehan, Vikramaditya, Krishna or Pulakesin.

    We are gradually becoming dependent on external resources. We first take outside junk food to get sick and then take medicine to get normal. We have spoiled natural balance by disturbing the natural ecological balance resulting in pollution and inclement weather conditions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What the author is telling is quite correct that more comforts are provided to our bodies more we need these facilities. Think of the past days when there was no electricity in the villages, they were quite comfortable with natural air which circulated inside the rooms giving the people enough comforts. They were happy with their old ovens where they lit the same with wooden pieces used for their meals. They were quite comfortable with their houses, clothes and foods. Slowly, their comfortable level changed with the advent of electricity and later they enjoyed light inside their rooms apart from installation of ceiling fans. Then different items came up such as AC, Room heaters, Geysers, Electric Ovens etc which further multiplied our comforts. There is no end to our wants and in future, we would like to have more items for our comforts.

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    This is a thought-provoking post by the author. I fully agree that once we become habituated to living in comforts then any reduction in that would not be acceptable to us. When people have money they would certainly like to live in comfort and luxury. It is their privilege. But the point is that even if people have money they can choose a simple life which in long run might be more comfortable. Sometimes comfort and luxury do not necessarily bring happiness to our lives. There are many other factors that determine happiness in our lives. There are some examples of millionaire people who live a life of a common man and feel pride in it. Those who understand the satisfaction of having a simple life are like the saints who thrive on the minimum facilities in their lives.
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