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    Follow all protocols. Chances of 4th wave of COVID are visible

    COVID situation in India is under control and people are coming to normal. There was a decline of cases in the country almost for about eleven weeks. But again, there is a surge last week. The cases increased by almost 35%. The cases are increasing in about 5 states. Haryana, Uttara Pradesh,Mijoram,Maharastra and Delhi are the 5 states where there is a surge in the number of reported case.

    The Central government already issued some directives to the above said five states to take steps to control the same. Testing, tracking the cases and treating the cases should be followed by the governments. People should also follow all the protocols like using masks, following social distance and avoiding gathering etc.

    Many scientists say the chances for 4th wave are less. However it is better to follow the precautions. Prevention is always better than cure. Taking the precautionary dose of vaccine is also very important.
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    Just because of few states being lethargic and easy going during the earlier phases, the covid seems to test them again and a fourth phase is not that far away as some states like Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are registering new cases. What is more alarming is the fact that within 24 hours the death across the country due to covid is 54. This proves that covid procedures and protocols were not followed and especially wearing mask and maintaining social distance are thrown to the wind and even the law enforcing agencies are also going free on the violators. India should wake up, though the vaccination for booster doze has been going on, but those who have not yet vaccinated even for one time are at greater risk to get this disease and they are exposed to even losing the life for sure which they are taking light.
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    The initial wave of the corona pandemic was deadly and there were a large number of deaths due to that. The figure could be more than the figure declared by the Govt and the reason is that there are many deaths in remote and interior places that are not recorded and poor people in some pockets do not know about this virus much and just dispose of the dead bodies for cremation without any record. The subsequent waves were fast to spread but were not deadly for which credit goes to the accelerated vaccination programme in many countries including India. The big question is whether the vaccine would safeguard the people from all the mutated versions of the virus or not. Experts believe that once the herd immunity is developed then the population can tolerate these new variations of the virus also but still questions will always be there for a wave that could be as deadly as the initial ones. Let us hope that the fourth wave does not grow to such alarming levels and hopefully, the immunity and resistance of the people at large would be able to contain and subside it.
    All said and done the main thing that is required in such situations is to follow the basic precautions like wearing a mask, avoiding the crowded place, going for online shopping, keep a safe distance from infected persons. It is the duty of all the citizens to take care of their fellow beings.

    Knowledge is power.

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