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    Understand the gesture of formality.

    If an acquaintance suddenly meets you in the market or any other place, then you must stop and talk for some time, after that there are two situations, either the person in front will invite you to come with him or else come home in future. Well, sometimes such request calls or invitation is from the heart, but sometimes people also say this for formality. This could be not just for invitations, but also when some ask for food, stuff, stays, or for a number of reasons. A sensible person should get to know that if understand that an invitation is given for formality, should not be a burden on someone.
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    I think, not only invitations but almost everything should be done purely from the bottom of the heart instead of merely for formality. The most common formal expressions are saying sorry or thank you. Even these formalities should be completed purely from the heart.

    Formalities or formal gestures are like grammar of social life. It gives true meaning only when used correctly.

    Often people fake also, expressing hollow happiness over certain achievements of others though internally they may be burning in the pyre of jealousy.

    Yes, it is true that we should be able to separate grains from the chaff.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    By observing the people and listening to their words, we can understand whether the other person is true to what he is saying or just he is doing it formally. Once I was in Mumbai airport and I was in the line for boarding. I heard somebody calling me by name. I look back and found one of my university friends was calling me. We met almost after a gap of 20 years. The other person was very affectionate and invited me to come to his house in Hyderabad. I have also invited him to come to my house. After getting back to Hyderabad, he phoned up and invited me. I know he was inviting me with real affection and I went with my wife. He was very happy. After a week or so he came to my house with his wife for a dinner. We used to meet regularly title he left Hyderabad and settled in Vizag. Even today we are in contact.
    In my opinion, we should not do anything just for the sake of formality. If we are not interested, there is no necessity to invite the other person. We can talk and just leave. Why formally invite him?

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    If we meet someone who was known long ago but does not have the connect right now, then we are duty bound to inquire about the wellbeing of the family and also spend some valuable time. If that person asks you meet again some time. surely there should not be objections. But in the public place we come across of so many people who may be known to us for being the farthest relative or the friend of friend who got introduced. We have to weigh the situation and for what reason they want to meet us again. Some people are business minded and they may be doing some personal products or selling textiles or sarees to which they wanted to show you the same and create a new customer from you. Such kind of targeted invitations may not be known to us and thus we must also inquire about them and decide.
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