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    Can every day be equally productive?

    We make a target, but many times there is a lot of change in our routine and schedule which affects the path of reaching the target. It is the endeavor of everyone that every day is more and more productive, but it becomes difficult to do so always. When the productivity of the day is low due to external factors, it is still understandable but what if internal factors are affecting it. The biggest problem is that many times we do not even recognize those internal factors and only one voice comes from the mind which says, today there is no concentration or no mood in work or studies or anything else and the whole day would have been spent just thinking like this. . Can we make ourselves productive every day, what do we have to do for its continuity?
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    No, every day cannot be equally productive as the output depends on so many other factors including circumstances and people. At the workplace, one may be fully prepared to surpass the day's target but a key team member may fall sick that day spoiling the whole strategy. People may get late in reaching the railway station or airport due to traffic congestion and thus miss their train or flight.

    We should be mentally prepared to accept and get adjusted to the prevailing circumstances without getting upset or disturbed.

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    When there is no guarantee for increasing productivity even in terms of individual performance, then what would be the guarantee when the productivity is linked to group assignment and performance. Even in case of individual, the day, the time, the mood, the easy to do the work and above all congenial atmosphere matters the most. Likewise when it comes to group performance, it may be difference of opinion between the head and the subordinates, there may be shortage of workers assigned to the task and above all the labour laws does not permit same work taken from a same employee for the continued hours and days and therefore the equal productivity cannot be assured everyday. And external factors like hartal, shut down, or emergency close down of the unit, power shut down also has the effect on the productivities.
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    All days are never equally productive. We may work hard for 6 days a week. But the 7th day will be the rest day. On that, we try to take things easy. Even though there are some works we have to do for our family also we will try to postpone and relax completely on that day. So the productivity on that day will be very less. Even all working days are also will not give you the same yield. When the results are in your favour you will so more enthusiasm and try to get more and more favourable results. If any negative results occur, you may feel like not working and the productivity may be less. Like this, you will see variables outputs based on various conditions. When we are doing some work with a lot of enthusiasm, somebody comments adversely, we will get into two minds and we will never get the expected output. That is why definitely the output will vary from time to time and it will never be uniform.
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    The sole purpose of all of us should be to be able to overcome the adversity of daily life and to lead a physically and mentally healthy, strong, and secure life. In our day-to-day life, no one is equal. It is disrupted due to various reasons. But there are some things we need to keep in mind. The more you know, the more you will learn. The more you learn, the more you can do. The more you can do, the more opportunities there are - it's like compound interest. Those who work hard will have to study what will be useful. One of the two people of the same talent can go far beyond the other if he regularly works a little harder than the other. Work must be applied intelligently, and there is no substitute for reading and knowing in order to acquire intelligence that will make you more productive.
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