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    Why people hesitate in writing their Will?

    I have observed that people talk about the importance and significance of writing a Will but generally remain lethargic in writing their own. A few have belief in the superstition that after writing their Will, they will not live much. They take writing a Will as concluding the last chapter of the book of their life.

    It is well known that writing a 'Will' makes it much more convenient, simple, and easy for the heirs to inherit the movable and immovable properties left for them. In absence of a proper 'Will', the beneficiaries are compelled to run from pillar to post to get what is due to them.

    What are your observations on this topic?
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    This is very good post raised by the author. Those who are wealthy person and has good properties and cash balance at the bank in the form of fixed deposits, the natural nominee would be the wife or husband and after that the amount would be shared among the family members. But here comes the quarrel, that the parents would have stayed much with a particular son and he need to be given more share or if they stayed with daughter then the grand daughter be given the share. Nevertheless the will should be written during the life of the person and that writing be kept with a confident person who shall reveal the content of the same when the time comes. But the will should be free and no pressure must be mounted on the writing person and thus his free will has the legal sanctions and fully abided by the court of law.
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    This is a really important point discussion which author raised. When I was younger I used to watch old movies and in most of these movies, an old person must be there who was about to write their Will. Sometimes a person who plays a negative role in the movie is asking for a signature forcefully, and this is a very common scene in many movies. But here as we are talking about a reality still I am sharing such scenes of the movie because many people are inspired by such movies, and they thought maybe after signing their will their family members will start treating them badly, or maybe some of them also do not want to accept that they will ever leave this world so soon so why there is a need of Will.

    So many reasons could be behind that. But I think people should take it seriously and should sign their will on time because you will not affect your relations but your build-up does so. So just relax and give a great build-up and values to your loved ones and they will always be with you at the end of your life.

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    WILL is very important for the people who have a lot of self-acquired property. If the property is ancestral there is no need of writing a will. The legal heirs only will get that property as per the law and the heirs will know about that and they will get the property changed to their name.
    Another issue may be by writing a will, the person is listing all his assets on a piece of paper and by any chance if IT people see that the person may be in a problem. Chances may be less for this as the will with a lawyer but not in the house.
    But as mentioned by the author writing will will make the lives of the heirs easy in acquiring the property of the deceased person.

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    When the LIC scheme was introduced people got fear to even see the LIC agents when they are coming at a distance with their designated bags. As they are starting their canvassing with 'Sir, if you died suddenly.......' With the fear of own death they avoid the LIC personnel even to see them.

    Similarly, the puraniks are telling in spiritual discourses that human birth is a rare one to get and we have to finish this human birth directly to attain the feet of Lord or Paramatma through a Spiritual Guru, No one should postpone this approach till their old age and it should started even in hard age as our death cannot be foreseen. Everything will be alright to the people but they cannot tolerate the words that death is unforeseen. Because of the fear on the death only they hesitate to write will as it contains the word 'After my life time or After my death .......'

    I came to know that some people even hesitate to nominate persons in their savings/deposit accounts.

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    Though there is the provision of writing the will and the same is to be written by a property holder without pressure but certainly writing such wills is influenced due to the closeness of some of the members insisting on him/ her to write the will on his/ her favour. There could not be any proof of pressure from any side, but very often it happens so. In absence of such writing, the heirs would be entitled to have got their shares as per provision of the rules and due to this fact, the heirs don't have any unnecessary tension in any way. But will can deprive of such benefits if his name is not included in such a declaration in the will.

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    Will is a legal document and it has not got popular in many places in the world. In some developed countries, it is very common to write a will for nominating one's property after one's death. In our country, it is not very popular though many of us are well aware of it and its benefits in resolving family disputes about the property. Some people feel that when they have already nominated their bank accounts and other such deposits in someone's name then there is not much need for the will. But it is not correct because the will is basically for all the property one has like house, land, insurance policies, jewellery, shares and mutual funds etc. It is the will where one has to clearly spell out which property would go to whom. Many people because of confusion never decide about this and are not able to execute a will in time. This creates a delay in the writing of a will and when a person dies then there is no will available and the family members start fighting for their shares in the property of the person. It is imperative that for those who have got a significant property it is better to write a will in time and if possible deposit it with a registering office which can bring it to light immediately after death or deposit it with a reputed person in the society so that it remains safe and can be referred to when required.
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