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    How to save time spent in the kitchen by working women?

    In the traditional Indian system, the bulk of the time of housewives is spent in their kitchens. They make morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea, and dinner, not to mention the snakes time in between or making additional cups of tea or coffee for visiting guests, etc. On the other hand, in the kitchens of western countries, working women spend comparatively very little time in the kitchen.

    The main difference between the Indian kitchens and the western kitchens is that 'open flame' is used too much in the Indian kitchens making it compulsory for the lady to remain inside the kitchen and constantly watch and take care of the burning flame. They cook everything fresh and serve it hot for relishing the food.

    Working women can save a lot of time by using pre-cooked ready-made food or frozen food which requires only the use of a microwave oven instead of a hot plate with a burning flame. Alternatively, they can cook curries, etc. for two or three days in one go, keep the same in the fridge, and relish/serve hot only by warming at the time of eating.

    Is it feasible in India?
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    India is not that developed to leave the kitchen to mend its own ways and there is constant need for the house wife to be at the helm of happening and that would bring in quality taste. Cooking is not just making food, but creating a dish with love and affection with a main thought that the food would be accepted by all taste wise and that seeks appreciation. If the automatic kitchen are to be believed I am sure Indian house wife would totally discard them as every activity at kitchen aims at perfection and not just completing the task of cooking. Moreover our ladies are more expertise in doing multi tasking even at the kitchen and these days within half an hour the cooking is done with much ease provided the dicing of vegetables done the previous night while watching the tv and thus works get easy in the morning.
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    A very nice thread raised by the author. According to me, the only best solution for this in India would be that other members of the house to help the working women in the kitchen work. In our culture, fresh food has always been considered healthy, so people have a habit of getting both lunch and dinner fresh at least twice a day, and there is no harm in it because this food is healthy. But when the health of the food is concerned, the health of the maker should also be concerned. Many families are still such in the society that they understand the condition of working women very well and women in those families get equal support from men. Not only in the kitchen duty but in the care of children as well as in other works. Only a few great personalities still think that men cannot do household chores. In today's day, almost every parent is teaching their children, whether it is a boy or a girl, about basic household chores along with careers and this learning is going to prove to be very effective in the coming times.

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    These days there is a change in our country also. Many working women are not spending much time in the kitchen. The wife and husband will go to the office and their lunches will be in their canteens only. If there are school-going children are their for them just rice will be cooked in electrical cooker ( No open flame). Side dishes will be obtained from the curry point from the outside. Dinner will be ready-made chapatis or half-cooked chapatis from the market and curry from a curry point. I have seen this culture in many houses in Hyderabad in my circle.
    Many husbands are helping their wives with the house works. So the life of present-day working women is not like earlier days working women. The change is good and we should welcome these changes. Otherwise, the lives of these working women will be very hard and never find any free time.

    always confident

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