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    Why people long for as many 'happy birthday' messages as possible?

    I have observed that people go to any extent to receive as many 'happy birthday' messages as possible. They themselves post about their birthdays on social media prompting others to wish them. The 'happy birthday' messages posted by even total strangers to them are counted and felt elated.

    I remember that in the past people used to celebrate the birthdays of kids only and grown-ups used to be happy and content only with the celebrations of their kids. But, of late, it has become a fashion to publicise birthdays and accumulate as many 'happy birthday' messages as possible.

    I think birthdays are totally private affairs and their celebration should be limited to the family members and closest social circle.

    What you say about this?
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    What I feel that birthdays are private affairs and that need not be known to others or outsiders. In fact the Facebook is alerting the people one week in advance as to whose birthday in our timeline are being closet to be celebrated and wished and this made a point to many to throw a message of best wishes even though they may not like from the heart. Moreover a birthday is not the celebration, it is one year less towards the end of our life and we must ponder over the matter that we are nearing to the end of our phase of life. And what is the expectancy for more messages when the known people are ignoring when we meet them personally and posting a message on social media has become more easy and they wont even be remembered. So social media has started this cult behavior and everyone is longing for more messages.
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    Well, I think some people like to share their special days with the world and there is no harm to do such things. As far as a birthday is concerned this is definitely a very special day for a person, and he/she would love it when others wish them on their special day. In fact, some bank also sends birthday message o their customers, and even receiving such messages also bring a smile to the birthday person. But yes one thing that I do not feel right is, there are many people who never wanted to call you casually but on birthday just for a formality they will call you and talk as much as they can, due to such disturbing calls sometimes a birthday person waste his/her special day just by talking to others. So what others should do even if they want lots of talks but on some special day, just give your wishes to the concerned person and talk in detail on some other day, but yes lovely birthday messages will always be welcomed by others.

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    True. It is always better to celebrate birthdays with family members. In our house, the birthdays of children will be celebrated in a little grand way. But once the children are grown up the celebrations will be within the family only and that too in a very small way. Visiting a temple on that day and donating food to 4 or 5 poor people near the temple is what we do.
    Social media is having a very big impact on people. People count how many likes are there for their posts. Similalry they will count the number of shares. If they are good many of them, they feel proud. The same trend is visible in receiving birthday wishes. There is a proverb in Telugu which means that if more people are telling the same thing, that will become the truth. So if many people are wishing us all the best, everything best only will happen to us. That may be the reason people want to receive more wishes on their birthday.

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    These days it is a trend to set a long streak of stories on one's own status of how many people placed birthday stories and statuses for that person. It has become a way to show people how popular a person is among his/her friend circle and how many people remembered their birthdays. Today the world is more about showing off rather than any real affection. Long paragraphs and statuses are placed for people for birthdays. Personally I don't like the trend but it is has become kind of a thing without which you feel left out from your own generation people, it is more of peer pressure now to be in trend and follow the trend.
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    It may be taken by many as superstition or something, but I believe that the reduction in seeking blessings from elders.
    Many elders also avoid themselves when the youngsters approaching them for blessings in the event of marriages, marriage anniversaries etc.
    Nobody will scold or say anything other than 'Best Wishes' when people approaching for blessings but off late the seekers of blessings from elders are got reduced to a great extent. Spiritually speaking this may be a reason for the complete set back among people in the present days.
    So it is not wrong in expecting birthday messages. Actually the birthdays are celebrated with temple visiting, visiting elders but nowadays it is celebrated in hotels, cutting cakes etc., particularly in rich people circle it is with liqour.

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    Whether it is a birthday or marriage anniversary or any other occasion like that people like to receive congratulations from their friends and relatives. It is a natural human tendency. Today we are living in an age of social media where we have so many online friends and everyone keeps a track of the birthday of others and then congratulates them in a formal way. There are emojis available for each occasion, quotes available as per the needs, and tailormade texts are available to convey one's feelings. In such an environment sending a congratulatory message is a matter of a few seconds and many people do it in a mechanical way while the receiver takes the count received by him in pride and happy way. The online digital world has triggered new traditions in society and it is going to be there for a long time. The old ways of celebrating the functions in a limited group are fading and these newer ways of social media interactions are increasing. The aggressive online greeting sites are informing the user about all the persons whose birthdays are falling in the next few days and even suggest greeting cards and other material for wishing one another. The old traditions are giving way to new patterns.
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