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    When vehicle sold with transfer paper then why law chasing with seller?

    This kind of situation would have happened with many. That our two wheeler was sold to someone with all transfer papers signed and all the original documents returned to the buyer and then the new owner must get the formalities done on his name, otherwise the traffic violations committed by the new owner would fall on the name of old owner and thus he or she would be chased to fill the fine immediately or face the vehicle seizure. How the old owner can be held responsible when sale took place as per the law ?
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    After selling the vehicle the buyer should get the R C book changed on his name. The seller should insist on that. Many people won't do that. As per the RTO records the vehicle will be in the name of the original owner. Only after the new owner gets the RC book changed, the ownership name will be changed. Whatever papers were given by you to the new buyer, the RC book will be in your name only. So all fines and other problems on that vehicle will come to you only.
    My son sold his two-wheeler to a person and in turn, he sold it to another person. But the RC book is in my son's name only. Then we told the person that if he is not changing the RC book on his name, we will give a complaint to the RTO. Then only he applied for a transfer and got it done. So we should see that the new buyer will get the RC book changed on his name or else we have to give a piece of information to RTO about the sale but he may not entertain such letters.

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    Once the sale is over the ownership of the vehicle is changed from the old owner to the buyer. That part is perfectly allright. Now the buyer has the responsibility of registering the vehicle in his name in the regional transport office. If he delays it then this ambiguous situation crops up and the authorities send the notice to the person in whose name the vehicle is still appearing to be in the records. These are the missing links in our administrative machinery and require to be addressed by more stringent rules. One thing that can be done is to route the sale through the regional transport office so that the sale is executed along with the change of ownership of the vehicle. But these things require changes and modifications in the existing rules, regulations, and policies of the Govt and that takes time in making such changes and implementing them. It is the duty of the citizens also to abide by the existing rules and get the change in the name in the regional transport office as soon as possible. Why delay in that when it is known that in case of a problem ambiguous situation would arise?
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