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    Illegal constructions, demolition and court interference- Authorities made mute

    Across the country there are so many illegal constructions going on and some are done at the full tank level of the lake or water body thereby closing all possibilities of water flow to the storm drain and when the authorities stoop to demolish them, then the court would interfere and stop the demolition forthwith. When the structure is termed as illegal, the authorities have every right to clear the same but court interference make them to mute from the activities. If such things happen then illegal activities would get long rope to continue.
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    In Indian cities, illegal constructions are very common. Sometimes, corporation/municipal authorities treat illegal constructions as a major portion of their illegal income. Sometimes, it is not possible for corporation authorities to destroy each and every illegal construction due to lack of manpower and machine.

    Under these circumstances, I feel that corporation/municipal authorities may destroy the illegal constructions of those who take part in rioting and violence. At least, in this way, some illegal constructions will be destroyed and a fear will be created in the mind of religious fundamentalists. They would think twice before resorting to violence.

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    But court interference and stopping the demolition would become the stumble block.
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    What were the authorities doing when illegal constructions were going on? There is a set procedure to follow before demolitions are taken up. Do you think the courts of law interfere when there is no proper ground? Here I would like to mention some demolitions that were taken up in the recent past—Khargone in Madhya Pradesh, and Jahangirpuri in Delhi. In Khargone in Madhya Pradesh, the State Government issued a statement saying the demolition of 16 houses and 19 shops was taken up as a punishment for the involvement in communal clashes. What sort of law is this? These demolitions are targeted at a particular community. Which government will take such draconian action on its own people that too with a communal angle to it? There are many religious places constructed on the roadside, which are against the Supreme Court judgment. Why do these governments fail to take action? In Jahangirpuri, Delhi, Supreme Court is hearing a case against such demolition and ordered status quo until further notice. The demolitions continued 2 hours after the stay order was issued. These hate politics by the political party in power are very dangerous to the country. Such politics destroy the harmony in the country.
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    There are set procedures to follow for all the authorities to handle illegal constructions. They should follow the procedure. If what they do is as per the procedure why the court will come into the picture and why do they give a stay. The problem is not with the courts but with the authorities who are handling the issue from the corporation/ Municipality side. If the construction is illegal and the authorities are following a procedure. no court will stop them. But the problem is out of 10 illegal construction 9 will be demolished one will be left as it belongs to a local leader. In such cases, problems come and the court will come into the picture.
    In Hyderabad, the Moula Ali arch is in very bad shape. But the government is not able to demolish the same as the religious leaders there are very strong and they are objecting the demolition. Because of this, the public is suffering a lot. Just 200 meters away from that there was a small place temple. It was demolished and shifted in no time as no leader of that religion objected to the same. This is how these governments function and create differences among the people.

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