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    School head and teachers must share mid-day meals with students

    Mid-day meals are offered to the school students to increase their nutrients in the body and also work as the enthusiasm and inducement support in bringing students to the school. Though this is the central govt scheme, many states are also offering the same in better way. But often the students complain that they are served with low quality food to which there is no taste and liking. Therefore the school head, the teachers should also join the students in having the mid-day meal to get the right quality for sure.
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    In Andhra Pradesh, the cooking and serving of food in the afternoon to the students is given to outside agencies on a contract basis. The contractor will cook the food and serve the students. The teachers also eat them to see the quality and see that the food is made good. But in some places, the contractor makes separately for teachers and staff and the food for the children.
    The government schools teachers are becoming more of administrative staff than teachers. They have to send daily messages to DEO about the attendance and they have to see that food will be good for the students. They have to see that all the eligible students will get a free uniform. free shoes and free books. By any chance, if a student is not getting anyone out of the items mentioned above. the parents and the local political leaders will create havoc on the headmaster and teachers of that school. So teachers are more occupied with these matters than teaching.

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    No need to share but having an eye on the foods by tasting is enough and this will encourage the students as well have an alert in preparation/serving persons. It is heard that in some schools the egg is supplied invariably to the students of pure vegetarian. This can be avoided if the teachers are having a round in the noon meal section and thereby the instructions can be given to the serving people to hear the students whether they are pure vegetarian. The wastage of foods can be avoided as such students throwing the food into dustbin by fearing in telling the serving staff or teachers.

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    The author is right up to some extent. It is possible for teachers to have lunch with the students of their class, but in the case of Head of the School, it seems a bit challenging. A class teacher usually has their lunch with class students in fact these days it is a rule also in many schools. There was also a practice were in use when in lunch break all students should sit in a particular place with all teaching staff, it could be an auditorium or a big hall of school for having lunch. Some old practices are helpful to create a strong bond between students and teachers and we should follow them.

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