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    The way you say something matters a lot.

    There are two sentences - "Walk a little carefully", and the second, "Can't you see", or "Where is your attention". Right now, even though I have presented these sentences in writing, you can read the sentence and recognize the hidden emotion in it, then when we directly say this sentence to someone, its effect will surely be there. When we are suddenly hit by someone even by mistake, we use any of these sentences.

    By the way, how our reaction will be during any incidence or conversation, mostly depends on that situation. But if we learn to control ourselves, then perhaps we can avoid many arguments or quarrels or disputes. For this, only a little focus should be practiced on the way of speaking, and words should be used a little wisely.

    Now it is up to you whether you will use your nice and beautiful words to make the situation in your favor automatically or use harsh words to start a dispute and make it in your favor by wasting a lot of your energy in arguments. You have definitely faced both situations many times and you know which one will be more beneficial. So choose wisely because the way you speak matters a lot.
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    Nice thread from the author. When we say some assurance words, that would be not only soothing but also matters the most to others. Suppose someone leaving for long drive and we say drive carefully is not only the caution but also expressed our concern over their life and they would certainly feel the same. Likewise when the children are running in the wet floor, the elders used to control them by saying don't run and walk, that is again the concern of elders to which the children wont understand. But when the teacher says keep quiet and do the studies that does not goes into the mind and the students would indulge in talks and same way when the students go by bus to the college and advised to get inside and do not foot board, they wont listen as it amounts to insult for for them. So where to use the saying matters.
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    I have raised a similar topic a few years ago on a similar topic which was about the tone of any statement or argument and its effect I wanted to share a link but could not find it anymore as it is very old. I completely agree with the author that yes the way anything is said affects many things, especially in the mind of the listener this is why we are taught to be polite and humble from the very formative years of our life so that our words do not hurt anyone, but in today's world where everything and everyone is getting reactionary day by day people don't wait before saying their mind out nor do they are concerned about their tone and language which can hurt other people. Even if good things and the good wishes but if it is not said in the right tone and right words they often get wasted in fact have negative effects.
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    Yes. The words you use and the way you express them matter a lot. Your words can request, command and demand. It is better to express our ideas and thoughts with simple words and gentle words so that the other person will rightly take them. Sometimes what we say may not be understood by the other person. So we have to go to his level of understanding and then talk to him.
    We should not use offensive words when we talk to others. Those words will create misunderstandings between the people and enmity may also develop. Harsh wording and shouting at others may be a bad trait and we should avoid that. Sometimes we may have to be a little tough so that the other people will understand that we are unhappy. As much as possible we should not use words that will cause unnecessary anger to the person. But when the other person is very hard and will not oblige easily we may have to become tough in actions but not in words.

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    When we communicate with a person then our main concern is to give him the exact message that we want to convey to him. We have to structure our sentences in such a way that the correct and precise communication reaches him. Even a wrong word or even a right word in the wrong place can change the meaning of the sentence to a great extent bringing offending and hurtful intentions. A little amount of sarcasm can offend a person to quite a good degree. It is obvious that our sentences should be framed in a cordial and pleasant way to convey the message in the most amicable fashion. If we have intentions to bang a person and give him a lesson then only we have to use harsh language for that in an intentional way. The same sentence can be uttered in a variety of ways bringing different effects on the recipient. Our tone, facial gestures, the loudness of sound etc all add to the effect made on the person and having control over them is definitely an art and people who can attain these perfections get good popularity in society or the workplace.
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