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    Is it worth, watching the news/crime at mealtime?

    By the way, people should keep themselves away from any means of entertainment such as TV, mobile, tablet at the time of the meal, and we have already discussed this topic many times in the forum. But some people have become so habitual that their food does not go down their throats without TV, and perhaps it is difficult to explain to such people.

    It has become a bad habit or even we can say disease. Well, if you still have to watch something during the meal, then at least you should choose the watched programs or shows wisely.

    We know that food has an effect on our health as well as our thoughts. When a woman prepares food with pleasure so that her family is healthy from this food, when the family members have the same food while watching such news or shows which are full of crime, negative activities, bitterness, then definitely a negative effect of this is to come on thoughts.

    If watching at mealtime is also included in your bad habit, then at least change the selection and look for something which will keep positivity in your thoughts and eat food with a happy mind. We are fortunate that we are getting food for both times, do not add any negative element to this boon.
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    In my opinion, we should not indulge in any other activity when we are in the process of eating. All the family members can sit together and eat so that everybody will enjoy the food. In many houses it is possible only in the nights as during the day times everybody will be outside. Even when we eat in our office also, we should eat without any other activity except talking to a colleague who is earing with us.
    But these days many people will be watching mobiles while they eat. Their concentration will be on watching the video on the mobile and what they eat is also not known to them. As mentioned by the author if they watch fiction movies and crime stories while eating, they may not be able to understand how much they ate also. That is noway good for the individual. I suggest it is better to hear some music wile eating so that they can enjoy their food as well as the music also.

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