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    Is it correct to leave the parents alone in their old age?

    Today there are many paradigm shifts in the relationships in our society that have created a big problem for the old people. People are opting for nuclear families and living separately. When two brothers live separately then that is understandable but when the children start living separately from their parents and are leaving them alone in the ancestral house then there is a big problem for these seniors to manage their lives. Some are hiring servants but that is of limited recourse. Some are going to old age homes and that type of life is also not liked by many. This seclusion in old age is torture and a painful thing but society is now moving in that direction only. Is there any solution to this problem? Have you observed these things in your surroundings? Is it correct to leave the parents alone in their old age? Please share your views.
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    Parents should not be left alone when they are old. That is correct and no dispute.
    These days young people have to move out from their native places for their jobs. If they have to stay with their parents in the villages, their living will be difficult as they will not have any income. So forcefully they are coming out. Many of the parents don't want to come out of their native place leaving their ancestral houses. In this situation with whom we can find fault.
    We are five brothers. We all are away from our native place as we are in different professions. But my father and mother don't want to leave that place as my father got a house constructed there. Till recently they were able to manage on their own. So we used to go there once a month ( at least one of the 5 brothers) and used to spend some time there. But now leaving them alone is not advisable. So we forced them and they went to Visakhapatnam. a city near to my native place and snow staying there with my brother.

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    As the family size increases, middle-class people leave their parent's house and migrate to another city when they find better opportunities for earning money and thus leading a better lifestyle. The sons and daughters of industrialists, big businessmen and other wealthy persons need not migrate to another city for seeking better pastures there.

    Many people migrate within India to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad etc. and many others to foreign countries like Canada, Australia, UAE, USA etc. Thus primarily, it is a financial requirement to move to other places leaving the parents behind. The children continue to stay with their parents only when they remain jobless and unable to become financially independent.

    After having their own children, people start thinking about the future of the rising sun i.e. their own children instead of worrying about their parents who become a setting sun.

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    Old age is the very challenging and taxing phase to which one cannot understand the pain unless and until they reach that stage. The children are very good and affectionate to the parents as long as they are nurtured and made as a person to live on their own. Once got married and started earning they feel the independence and also the freedom to which they do not want to see the parents as hindrance to their future moves and moreover the new bride would be interested in such a life without the involvement of husband parents in daily affair and thus they want to get rid of old age people and wants to put them in the homes. Old age parents are the treasure to any family and they not only guide and make the grand children great, but not understanding this the present generation is separating them from the main stream. Very pathetic.
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    Old age home is not a taboo word. They are becoming necessary in the present changing situation. Unlike in the olden days, there are no joint families. The children are going to other places to earn and live on their own. The elders are left to mend for themselves. Even if they have their own house and other properties, it is becoming difficult to maintain them as helping hands are not available or very expensive.
    I know some people who joined old age homes on their own and living happily there. For those who can afford it, there are many retirement communities with all facilities available. They get all the comforts and have the company of their age group. The children visit them often and make them happy. This is good for both the elders and youngsters in the family.

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