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    How far everyone is entitled to their opinion?

    "I am entitled to have my own opinion", is one expression we come across in many a discussion. It is true as long as the opinion is logical. Some opinions or beliefs do not seem to be logical. In such a case, it is alright if the person keeps such an opinion or belief to themself but does not insist on it. These days many absurd observations and speeches are supported by the saying one is entitled to their own belief. The observations or opinions which are not in the best interests of the society need to be condemned and not supported blindly by saying one is entitled to their opinion. Many hate speeches and many statements on public platforms are supported in this manner. It is not good for society. They need to be questioned and condemned. Unless the people start questioning the number of fools in the society multiplies.
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    People do have a sort of right to express their opinions but it is up to the listners to accept those opinions are not. We are supposed to critically analyse the opinions expressed by others before accepting them. However, it is also true that many uneducated people are credulous they tend to believe whatever is expressed by their leaders, particularly in religious matters.

    Foundations of beliefs are laid in the minds of people in their childhood. The environment in which they grow up shapes their beliefs and consequently their opinions. As a matter of fact, it is the responsibility of the parents to sow the right seeds in the minds of their kids so that they can know later what is right and what is not right.

    One has to have the ability to analyse and evaluate the opinions expressed by others. Because otherwise, the hazard of getting carried away by the opinions expressed by others will always be there.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Think of a situation where you are in a meeting and everybody is having their own different opinion on a specific issue. In such a scenario the meeting will remain inconclusive and no concrete decision can be taken. As long as the issue is limited to you and your activities you can do it in your own way according to your opinion but if it is for the larger interest you have to think of various aspects and then form the opinion. Opinions on issues that are felt and experienced by people should be logical but if it is concerning to the beliefs and faiths then to support such beliefs some people try to form opinions that may seem illogical to others. Blind faith may give rise to such opinions.

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    People are entitled to have their own opinions and there is no problem on that account till these opinions do not harm society and other people. Any opinion or statement which is against the traditions and well being of humans would attract criticism and would not be liked by the masses. So people should think twice and weigh their words before they speak or utter some opinion. Individual freedom of speech is also having a limit and boundary beyond which it is not acceptable. Another problem in this aspect is that there are so many gullible people who are influenced by hate speeches and provocative material. These people do not have their own brains and act on misleading and instigating speeches. What is required is to control the people who are able to influence and instigate a large number of people and provoke them for wrongdoings. Until these culprits sitting in higher positions politically or based on religious freedoms are punished this problem would remain there. These people should realise that by making instigating opinions they are doing a lot of harm to society and not only the society but the whole nation is sometimes suffering from such evil talks. So everyone is entitled to opinions but they should not be of instigating nature.
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    Nice thread from the author. Surely everyone is entitled to their own opinion and in fact this forum has been designed to have their say and register their content here. But the opinion should be with reference and past examples through which reasoning out must be done. Opinions with one sided knowledge and argument is not accepted and even that person would not be tolerated to speak again or write again. These days there are people who want hog the limelight in social media and throw some vague opinions not matching to the society and thus a flare up of dashing rejoinders would appear for the same post. The way the social media is being bombarded with vague replies are the testimony. Opinions can differ but the moderator should not be tilting towards any side and maintain the status quo otherwise the discussion would be endless.
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    Everybody will have his own opinion and they will express them as there is freedom of speech in our country. We can make all others stop expressing their ideas. It is up to us to take them or not. We may accept or may not accept.
    Last week we have a meeting of an association of plot owners near Samshabad in Hyderabad. There are almost 600 plots there and 190 members attended the meeting. Everybody started taking their own opinions and no conclusion has come in the meeting and everybody left. Even though there is a president of the association and he presided over the meeting he can't stop people from expressing their views.
    Expecting all to accept our views is not correct. Even we also need not accept the views of others if we are not in agreement with that.

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    Freedom of speech is not absolute. It has its limitations. One cannot talk about whatever they like in public. It has to conform to the social norms and also to the law of the land.
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    Yes, freedom of speech is not absolute, it has limitations. And the limitations are applicable to all. These limitations are not selectively applicable, which some people may think.
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