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    When the goats started eating oats!

    I do not know whether goats really have oats or not but I have heard that oats are also used to feed livestock. I have not seen a goat having oats neither I have thought of it but what caught my attention is the sound the words have which is identical, they are a perfect rhyme, isn't it? You might be thinking that I am trying to find words having identical sounds but the case is quite different here. The other day I was in a departmental store picking up the required items when these two words broke the somewhat silent atmosphere. A kid was there with his mother enjoying and running in his own childish manner. In the groceries section, he has seen a lot of packets of oats biscuits and possibly after that started jumping and shouting "Goats eating oats, Goats eating oats". That's not unnatural for a child to find out rhymes in words and that's how it all started.

    By the way, if you are aware of whether goats really eat oats then please do share about it forgetting the similarities in the pronunciation of the words.
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    I just searched the internet resources to know the answer to the question raised by the author since I was knowing it beforehand. I found the answer to this question - goats are able to eat oats.

    Besides forage like grass or hay, grains are a regular part of a goat's diet and oats are one of the grains that provide nutritional value to goats. However, in India, it looks rather strange to hear that goats eat oats because only a few people eat oats regularly.

    Oats are not a regular ingredient of Indian meals. As far as I know, it is considered chick and fashionable to eat oats in India. Personally, I do eat oats regularly in my breakfast. It contains a lot of fibre and releases sugar slowly. Oatmeal has a Glycemic Index of less than 55.

    It is just a coincidence that the word 'goats' rhymes well with the word 'oats'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I know that goats eat some grains. I spent my childhood in a village. There I observed people feeding raw rice and paddy to cows and goats. Both the animals consume them. Those days oats are not very well known to villagers and I never consumed them in my childhood. Now I come to know that goats can consume oats also.
    In our house, my second son and his wife regularly take oatmeal instead of Rice. They never go for rice. I heard in India also many people started eating oats and other grains which are having fewer carbohydrates. They are rich in fibre. People who consume this meal may eat less and they may not feel hungry quickly as it takes more time to get digested.
    But I am wondering how a small kid can come to know that goats eat oats. Probably her parents are very knowledgeable and they might have taught the kid about this information.

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    This was the hilarious post from the author and the heading is very interesting and catchy. Goats eating oats! Yes possible because Ramadan is fast nearing and the animal sacrifice would be done by the faiths. Goats are sold at high price and if they eat the oats, surely they would look healthy and the rate fetching would be more. In Hyderabad the goats and sheep rearing is a big business and they not only make good money on the animals and later the skin would also be purchased and then sent to tannery for other uses. One thing is sure there are various means to make the people fool and the goats eating oats may be the reality soon as the author has given idea to the Hyderabad sheep farmers and we would soon find the name boards of such and the rates would be hiked citing vegetarian meats for sale at the premises.
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    The eye-catching headline of the thread immediately attracted my attention, I was curious to know what exactly was in this thread but reading this thread I found it quite funny. As we rarely think of such things only children can make up such things and think about them. Although this thread if seen as a whole is not relevant in any sense but it will still draw people's attention to write something about it. Just for the fun, I will add a few more rhymes without thinking much about the meaning and implication. In fact,- if possible I would like to request any editor reading this to organise any such contest using rhymes.
    - goat riding a boat
    - cat wearing a hat
    - crow making eye-brow

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    I don't think the phenomenon of goats eating oats is very unusual. I have seen in many cases, oats are fed to such goats which are later sacrificed during the Islamic festival of Eid-ul-Adha.

    In some other cases also, oats are fed to goat when the owner wants the goat to gain weight quickly.

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    This seems to be a new way to make the title catchy and many of us know that the goats are sacrificed during the season of Eid. If a new twist is added regarding feeding them Oats, this will enhance popularity of Goats and the people will wonder how Goats like eating Oats. So far we know Oats are fine staples for the people conscious of their health because of its slow releasing of sugar in the blood- streams. If goats eating oats become popular popular somehow or the other, it might pick up the sales of the goats and for some sections of people, it might turn to a profitable business.

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    Oats are derived from grains and castles are supposed to have a liking for them. So goats eating oats is a normal thing but people would prefer to give grass and other things to goats as oats would be a costly proposition. Most of the grains are as nutritive as oats are so grains of coarse varieties having adequate roughage can be given to the animals like goats. The author has provided a rhythmic post for discussion and many members are attracted to this interesting title.
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