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    Have you ever forgotten to search the pockets before washing the clothes?

    Many clothes like pants, shirts, etc. worn by people have pockets. Earlier, generally, there used to be no pockets in the traditional Indian clothes of women but nowadays since wearing jeans and shirts has become common the pockets exist on clothes of men as well as women.

    We are supposed to search the pockets of clothes before washing them. In fact, it should be the responsibility of people to search the pockets of their clothes at the time of taking off their clothes. However, sometimes people forget to search their pockets and start washing their clothes. Occasionally, clothes are sent for dry cleaning, etc. to outside service providers also. People can forget in their pockets important items like currency notes, tickets, and other valuables. The funny stories of people forgetting cinema tickets in their pockets are well known.

    Have you any funny or for that matter serious stories to share about forgetting things in your pocket?
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    This thing happened too many times for me and I was lucky all the times my Rupee note will dry along with my clothes without any tear.
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    It is often the case with men that they give the clothes to be washed without checking the pockets and later the notes are dried along with the clothes. By the way, I have seen the habit of many women that if they are going to wash someone else's clothes, then they definitely check the entire pocket once. But now most the households wash clothes in washing machines and in such a situation, if the clothes are not checked beforehand, then there is very little chance of the note being saved safely. By the way, checking the pocket before washing is an important habit that should be adopted.

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    There are good chances if doing so as we could lost important papers etc. Regular checking the packets before washing is a good but must practice especially we have servant for washing as we cannot expect such alert from them. Oneday my co brother was found annoyed and about to move to him from our office. On enquiry I came to know that left some cash nearly ten thousand, in his pant packet. Before ten minutes only he gave the room key to servent maid for cleaning the house and washing the cloths. We were in a disguise as we cannot suspect her also. I told him to stay in the office itself and I went there. When I enter the house the servant maid came out, I just stop her and asked the keys as our lunch box to be taken out without telling about money. She immediately gave the keys and asked me to come to the side. She handed over the bunch of money as she found in Sir's packet while washing the cloths. Without counting I received that from her by mentally blessed her for her good character.

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    That is an important aspect but in the process of getting the clothes washed without delay, we forget the essential duty to ensure that the pockets are free from any valuable items including the currencies lying inside the pockets. If the dress materials are washed by hands, it might not affect the currencies lying inside but if such dresses are subjected to be washed in the washing machine, the dresses might have gone through the enough jerking and speed causing the notes to get spoiled. Normally my wife takes care of thorough investigation of the pockets prior to washing and so nothing such tragic results have been seen so far.

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    There has been standing instructions to my wife and others to search for pockets for anything remaining to be taken out before putting the clothes into the washing machine. I used to keep the coins change in the pant pocket and by oversight I put the same in the washing machine without verifying or searching the pockets. The drum of the washing machine got damaged as the coins came out and made huge noise. From that day we made the point to search for anything in the pocket before going for washing. Normally the papers or the chits are placed in the vehicle dickey and nothing on the pant pocket except the money purse and changes. But extra care has been taken every time even to take out the belt before going for washing. And the house holds would know what is left over in the pocket if we maintain the secret.
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    Generally, it is my habit to search all the pockets of the shirt and the pant before I put them in a soiled clothes container. Again the next day morning our servant maid will search all the pockets so that there will be a double check. This habit I git from my father. My father is having this habit. He used to tell us that we should check all the pockets of the clothes before we give them for washing.
    Generally. my habit is not to keep loose notes in my pockets. I will put them in the purse., I keep the purse in my pant pocket. But sometimes in a hurry some notes I may be keeping in the pocket of my shirt. Once or twice I forget to remove those notes. But our servant maid has seen those notes and gave me back.,
    But many people may not have this habit and they may be washing their clothes without checking their pockets. That may spoil the notes forgotten in the pockets.

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    People are supposed to check the pockets of their clothes before giving them for washing in the house or even to a laundry shop. This is essential because if not done properly it could lead to some loss of documents, currency, or any such important material. In many houses, people do not give their clothes but the housewife or the maid picks them up from their rooms and then deposits them for washing. In such cases, it is mandatory that they should check the pockets before putting them in the washing machine. If no one checks it then anything can happen and people would start blaming each other for their carelessness. It has happened to me many times that I was in a hurry and put my clothes in the washing machine and found in the evening that some important things were damaged in the detergent.
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