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    Have you ever witnessed or encountered any fire accident?

    Long back, I was travelling on a train from Jaipur to Jodhpur. Suddenly, we could hear a sort of commotion and the train halted after some time at a small station which was not its regular stop. We came to know that one of its compartments had caught fire. That compartment was quite away from our compartment and luckily the train was halted before fire could spread and nobody got burn injuries etc.

    Similarly, once when we were away shopping during the summers in Agra and only our 12 and 7 years kids were at the house, a bird's nest in the alcove on the outer wall of our house where the electric meter was fitted, caught fire due to sparking near the meter. On noticing the smoke, the kids came out from the other door and ran to our next-door neighbour for help. The fire could be extinguished before it spread. There were no mobile phones during those days and we came to know about the incident only after returning back.

    With a view to remain alert and always take due precautions regarding unfortunate fires, let us share our experiences in this regard.
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    When we are going to a marriage function in a van in the year 1990, while on the way to Tirupathi, at Allagadda, there was a timber depot on the road and it was burning as our vehicle passed through. Since it was 3 am wee hours, nobody present at the site and even the vehicles plying on the road were just passing. But our van driver has informed the nearest police station and the fire tenders later dosed off the flame. But the fame was big and could feel the heat and luckily there are no buildings and houses nearby and thus major casualties are averted. The timber depot seems to be old and many good stocks of various varieties are kept but what could be reason for fire is not known but as far as the news came next day the depot was totally gutted. Fire accidents are dangerous and the flare up would be in seconds if there is wind.
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    I have seen many grass fires. The grass on the sides of the railway track will catch fire many times because of the spark that will come out from the railway engine. The chance of these sparks falling on the dry grass in summer is very high and immediately, the fire will become very big.
    I have seen a big fire accident in our village. In the afternoon of a hot summer Sunday, one hut in our village suddenly caught fire. The people in the house came running out and there are 10 such huts around and people struggled a lot to contain the fire. Luckily it could spread to only another two houses. No human loss but the families lost some items in the house. A rich man in the village helped those three families in remaking their houses. Those days there were no communication facilities to inform the fire station and to get the fire extinguishing van it took a lot of time and by the time the fire engine came, there was no fire. All villagers helped and saw that the fire will extinguish.

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    Let me start this response praying God forbid such mishaps.

    I had the good luck to detect a fire in time and prevent an accident.

    It was about forty five years ago. I was just in my early twenties. I was working in night shift in a premium scientific institution. I had gone down to the toilets and was coming back to my work area in fourth floor. To keep myself alert and active, I used to take the steps and avoid the lifts. That night when I was climbing the stairs, I noticed a hazy appearance inside a locked room. As the door had a one square feet viewing space with glass I could see that. Then I went near the viewing space and looked inside. My Goodness, I could see flames of fire inside the room and the room is getting filled with smoke. That corridor
    was empty and so I shouted so that people in the working sections could hear me. Some of them rushed to me and immediately we started acting.

    The AC plant was informed and AC shut off to prevent further spread of fir and smoke. Local fire fighting equipment was brought in, the room opened and firefighting started. As the fire had just started the auto firefighting facility was not triggered, and we could douse the fir very soon. There was only very minor damage.

    Later on when I underwent a Civil Defence training, there was training on firefighting also.

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