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    Let's do something special for Earth Day

    Life has become possible as life today is only due to nature, which includes the Sun, Earth, Moon, all other planets, and the entire universe. But since we are all inhabitants of the earth and we have a different attachment with this planet which is also very natural. So today on this "Earth Day", we thank our "Mother Earth" that our life has become possible due to her infinite grace.

    Earth is compared with a mother because just as a mother knows how to give selfless love to her children, similarly earth is doing for us for years. Just as if we give a little respect or love to a mother, she becomes happy and blesses us more, similarly, if we care or care for our earth even a little, then we get a lot in return.

    Today we share some such duties and responsibilities in this thread where we have found what we should give to the earth. Just like by giving a seed, it gives us a big tree, fruit, and never ending oxygen. Other authors share your thoughts on Earth Day, something about our beloved home Earth.
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    Yes, today, April 22, is celebrated around the world as World Earth Day. Many countries around the world are now plagued by natural disasters due to climate change. In this context, this day is celebrated in different countries of the world through various events to raise awareness about nature and the environment and to keep the world safe and livable. The world is slowly moving towards destruction. And if it continues like this, it will not be easy to restore the balance of the environment in the coming days. So the world flute should forget all the lust in this regard and work together to save the environment. But you have to plant a lot of trees. Love the tree. There is no alternative. If we all plant at least two trees in the coming monsoon, the temperature will come down to a tolerable level instead of rising in the next 10 years. And storms, floods, and tidal surges will also decrease. Our life will be normal. I think the government should make it compulsory to plant more trees.
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    A really nice and thoughtful thread raised by the author and I agree with her that we should do something special today, as there are many campaigns going on these days about saving soil and saving earth we should also try to play our part in saving the mother Earth and Nature in whatever manner possible.
    The theme for Earth Day this year is " Invest in our planet" going with the theme we should also try to invest whatever small amount we could invest on our planet not necessarily in terms of money but our time as well- be it by planting a tree, be it trying to keep any form of leftover of the houses into the biodegradable and degradable compartment, recycling or not throwing any form of wrappers on the way while eating any such item. These are very little but significant investments that we can do for our planet and its health.

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    On this world earth day, everyone must feel pride that we are living in this world which has good nature, good climate and above all the seasons match to our expectations. When the earth is doing its duty correctly and without fail, we are not supposed to disturb the tranquility and calm nature of earth. That we should desist from digging borewell so deep that others get denied for the ground water. That we take a pledge not to interfere and be the stumbling block towards the flow of water by occupying the areas which are earmarked for the lakes and ponds. No doubt there is a demand for the housing and the land is shrinking, but that does not mean we invade into the forest and destroy the habitat earmarked for the animals. So how to live the future is in our hands and if we fail to maintain the balance then the mother would become furious for sure.
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    Happy earth day to all the members of ISC. We are all the sons of the soil. There is no earth and we are not there. We are born to our mothers but this earth is the mother of all the people who are born here. So we all should respect this mother earth. People should not abuse this mother earth. It is much more than abusing our own mother.
    These days many anti-nature works are going on. Water lakes and ponds are getting closed. People for cutting trees and deforestation is going on. All these activities are making the earth suffer. If the same thing continues a day will come when no human being can live on this earth. We should not cut the beach of the tree on which we are sitting. Now we are all doing the same thing now. We are digging our own grave. So we should stop doing such activities.

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    Some people take pledges to save the environment and they continue. But the problem is with the rest. They neither take a pledge nor are serious about the damage we have inflicted on this planet. We all are here because of mother earth and we all need to be concerned about mother earth also. If every individual becomes concerned and protects nature then only it will be possible for all to survive otherwise, it will be very difficult. Earth Day is observed every year to make us aware of the necessity of a clean and pollution-free environment and every year lots of trees are felled. This is not helping us in any way as we are witnessing unwanted fluctuations in the weather throughout the year. What has happened has already happened, enough damage has taken place and now it's time to protect and repair. We all need to be aware of it equally and need to take care of nature in every possible way. Everyone has a role here and no one can deny their responsibilities. Starting small things like disposing of garbage in its destined place/bin will help a lot. Then comes discarding the use of non-biodegradable plastics. We all need to join hands irrespective of our class, creed, religion, or status in society. If we fail then there is no way to protect nature.

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