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    Extra care and alert need when travelling with children and ladies

    Travelling from one place to another is inevitable. I am seeing many people reach the railway station or bus stand within just two to five minutes of the departure time without giving a margin time for reaching there. Today I am seeing on Ariyalur railway station a person with a child + luggage in hand running to the coach from one end. Besides him, a ten-year-old girl and his wife are running. Why this? Why don't people reach the station early and stand at the place where the reserved or unreserved coach would stop? There are many chances for the lady who is behind unable to run or the child would fall.
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    This is good thread raised by the author and this post reminds me of my father who used to say that reach the station much before the train comes and no bother to sit at the platform rather running to catch the train. When we had gone for Patna for the Gaya, the train at Secunderabad station was supposed to start at 10 am. We reached the station at 9.50 am. Being the elders with us we could not reach the platform in time and the train was about to start at 9.57 am itself and by that time we are at the engine and asked to driver to stop for a while and he started moving. But the guard was seeing all this and stopped the train and we boarded one of the coach through which we reached our coach with ease. We thanked that guard who told that the driver is taking out the train before and that is not allowed in the Railways time table.
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    Good advice from the author. It is the duty of the parents to take care of their children during travel. Taking care of ladies by gents depends on the age and the mentality of the lady travelling. Some ladies are very active and they will manage the issues very wisely even much better than their husbands. Gents need not worry much about such ladies and they are smart enough to take care of them. Generally, when we travel we will have luggage with us. The husband has to take care of the luggage and the wife can take care of their child. Anyway, it is a must we should reach the station much before the train arrives so that we can plan well and we need not run here and there.
    I always plan in such a way that I will reach the station at least 30 minutes before the train arrival. Even some problem happens on the way that half an hour may become 15 but not 5 minutes.

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