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    Do you follow your own conscience before doing anything?

    People do most of the work at will and then the work is more likely to be wrong. Conscience never leads people astray. Comparing yourself to others can make you depressed in the long run. Always keep in mind that everyone's talent is different. Get rid of negative thoughts. Love yourself and believe in yourself, you will see everything come under your control. And then your conscience will help you to follow the right path. What do you think?
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    Our conscience is our great companion of life and it is always with us during good and bad moment of life. Though we have talent, damage control ability and even good advisers at the disposal, but we finally attempt the task, our conscience would certainly be involved and even the whole matter would be probed as to whether we are making the right moves. Some times the educated people also makes mistakes because they are highly influenced by the happenings in the society and they failed to ask their conscience and those who are having futuristic knowledge about the things, surely they are going to consult the inner conscience and then take up the task. That is the reason so when you ask a person with wisdom on any issue or matter to take decision or have a say, he would certainly ask for time and that is consulting the conscience.
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    True. What our inner mind tells us will be always beneficial only. Many times I experienced this. When we go against our intuition we may go on the wrong path, When we attempt work, we will think twice before deciding on the path we do and when our conscience says that this is the best path and if we follow that we will get the best results.
    Another point one should note is we should not start any job with a negative note. Without a doubt, if we start to work the chances of experiencing failure in that attempt will be very low. If we start with doubts, the chances of losing are very high.
    Never have negative thoughts in your mind. They will make you go backside and you will not grow fast. So thinking positive will make you more successful.

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    People act based on their experience and conscience most of the time and it works well. Working in haste or without pondering would lead to failures and setbacks which of course no one likes to have. Our conscience helps us in our day to day life by making decisions of utmost precision and that is what makes the use of conscience unique a thing in our lives. Sometimes, though rare, we might not follow our conscience due to some external forces and underlying reasons but the results in such cases are also not to be taken seriously.
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