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    Do you believe that danger is a sign of good luck?

    The danger comes in the life of all of us, it is a part of life. Many of us blame God for the slightest danger. If we believe in God, whatever the danger, whatever the disease, it is only a test from God. Happiness and sorrow go round and round. So the coming of sorrow means happiness is coming at your feet. What God decides for us is certainly good for us - although for a while it may seem outwardly difficult. I think this mentality fuels our patience, awakens us from apathy, conveys the value of well-being and peace, and helps us to understand life. What do you think?
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    Life is the merry go round cycle and we come across the good and bad moments of life. When we laugh loud and cracks jokes on others, the elders would contain us saying that you will cry soon. That is true, when we enjoy more , the next step would be tackling the challenging period and that would even bring the tears. That is the reason being so even my forum footer says " Even this challenging period would fade ease" that means every good activity or bad period need to end and give way for the new life. And how best we handle the crisis after crisis is the great life experience for everyone through which we learn the lesson for the future that the life is not that easy and going and one has value the time, money and the opposite persons which are the main things to decide whether we live in happy or sorrow in near future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If we can develop such thinking, we will not have any problems in our life. Whatever happens to us is for our good only. If we think in that way we will be the happiest people on the earth.
    We were travelling in a car for the marriage of my brother. My brother was also in the same car. It was an ambassador car. I and my brother were sitting in the front seat with the driver. My sister, her husband and another brother were in the back seat. Around 11.30 PM my brother shifted to the back seat and my brother in law shifted to the front seat. Around midnight the car met with an accident. I and my brother in law had injuries and the persons in the back seat had very very minor injuries. We were happy because my brother whose marriage was planned was unhurt and the marriage function need not be postponed. I and my brother in law were in the hospital for 15 days and we could not attend the marriage but the marriage function went off well. That is why I always feel God is great.

    always confident

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    Good and bad times oscillate in our lives. We have to be prepared for them as we do not have any control over checking or stopping them. The vicissitude of our lives is strange and can only be defined or understood through the concept of fate or destiny. Dangers and difficulties would often crop up in our lives but we learn from them and gain experience for our future time. It is said that sweet are the uses of adversities in our lives and therefore it is to be understood that a particular phase would not last long and change would be there soon from the present state. Experienced people know these things and are not perturbed by the dangers and bad situations that often encounter us and even demoralise us to quite a good extent. Those who are least affected by these turmoils are the prudent ones and face the obstacles in their lives bravely and they also very well know that these dark clouds are there for some temporary time and soon the sunshine would come and embrace them in its divine light. That should be the motto in our lives and then life would be a pleasant journey.
    Knowledge is power.

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