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    Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!

    Everyone has a different liking and passion for a particular activity. Some like to sing while others like to listen to music. Some people want to work in an administrative line while many have an interest in teaching. Sometimes some students are forced by their parents to choose a particular line but they do not have an interest in it and do not want to pursue but sometimes take it due to the insistence from their parent's side. This sometimes results in a disastrous situation where the student finds himself totally unfit and remains perturbed. It is true that very few people are able to get a job of their choice and are forced to work in an alien situation just to earn their livelihood. Still one should try to choose a job in one's interest area as that becomes a lifelong joy and one finds comfort and solace in that activity which one likes from one's heart. In such a good situation one is not bothered by the workload also and undertakes it happily. There is nothing like feeling one's work as a pleasant activity. What do you think about this? Please share your views.
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    As far as choose of job we love is ok but we will never have to work a day in our life is something not connecting to my mind. Great are those who got the right job as per their qualification and thus settled in the same career even though the progress was systematic but job satisfaction was immense. But there are people who are under employed and just employed and these are more in the society and for them every two to three years changing the job was the habit and thus their life is always hunting for new pasture and new positions to which they cannot get accustomed and want more. Do what ever job with dedication, soon you will enjoy the same as the dedication would bring in formidable results and that is very much required for the company and self promotions. So never complain about any job, just do the job to your liking.
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    The liking you have towards the job makes it sweeter. When you do something you like, you will never get bored. We never feel like we are tired. So it all depends on the love and interest you have in the work you are doing.
    When you talk to a person you like personally or on phone. you never know how much time you have spent talking. You feel as if you have talked just for a few minutes. When you don't like talking to the other person even a minute also will appear long. When we travel to a place to meet our close friends or relatives we feel it is taking a very long time to reach the destination. But the time we spend there with them will appear very short. I think all these our feeling. But these days where is the chance for somebody to choose a job. Getting a job itself is very difficult. So we should learn to love the job we got and we should fare well in that so that we will not lose the job. If we don't perform well chances of losing the job are very high these days if it is a private job.

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    Do the job that you are passionate about and not the one that is is been forced upon you. Any job that is forced upon a person is short lived and snatches mental peace. When you are passionate about a job, your working will be like a playing field every minute of which you would love to play and stay on the crease! Do the job that you love.

    However, if a job is trusted and you would feel burden and interested for the job. Many times people are fed with the choice of others and end up working in a field that is far behind the aptitude of a candidate. So, choose your passion, live your dreams and do the job that you love!

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    It is very true that if we get the job which we love, it becomes smooth sailing and doesn't seem like toiling. But the fundamental question is how we start loving any particular job. As a matter of fact, the environment in which we are born and brought up and the social circle in which we grow up shape our likes and dislikes for everything including jobs. The children of a doctor are more likely to love the medical profession compared to others. The same applies in the case of other professions as well.

    Only longing for a particular job is not enough. One has to be competent also to get that particular job e.g. one cannot become an IAS officer without having the capability to clear one of the toughest competitive examinations.

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    Since the job market has been competitive and hence we should not grudge that they have not been able to get the right job. They should think of their own conditions prior to employment and for the said post, they have themselves applied for the post, though they did not like the same. Moreover, the selection- board have found us fit for the posts.
    In the given situations, they should not loose interest from the responsibilities assigned to us and should develop interest in the present jobs and side by side they might try for such jobs for which they have intense passion. In that way, they will justify the situation.

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    Yes, it is true, students have to choose their profession according to the needs of their parents. We see a practical example of this in the movie "Three Idiots". It is known from the film that the professor's son committed suicide as he did not have the right to survive in his profession. On the other hand, actor R. Madhavan (character name of Farhan Khureshi in the film) was studying engineering according to his father's wishes but his desire was to become a professional photographer. Eventually, his father forced him to consent at last. Not only that, with the birth of the professor's granddaughter, he said, " You will do whatever you want." So each of us has a taste for something in life that brings us the most joy. He is lucky who get his desired profession in real life. But most people do not get it and seek peace in what they get.
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