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    What would happen if my dream comes true?

    I have dreamt two strange and sweet dreams yesterday and day before yesterday. Let us discuss the first one. I would raise another post about the other dream later.

    Day before yesterday, I was dreaming that I am staring at the bold headlines on the cover page of every English, Bengali and Hindi newspaper. My colleagues are also staring at their newspapers in English and respective vernaculars. In every room in our office, the television set is blaring.

    And what is the news?

    I was dreaming that a written application has reached the BJP headquarter at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi. The application is signed by one Rahul Gandhi and it states that the signatory submits the application for primary membership of BJP!

    Members of ISC, kindly think for a minute! Let your imagination run wild! What would be the reaction of the top brass of BJP if such an application for the party's primary membership is received from Rahul Gandhi? How will the top bosses of BJP react?
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    I think, in the dreams of Partha, the headlines of the leading newspapers screamed the day before yesterday, that Sonia Gandhi, the President of INC and Rahul Gandhi have joined BJP in the presence of J P Nadda the BJP President and Amit Shah, the Home Minister and former BJP President and they announced a total merger of INC into BJP on the advice of Prashant Kishore, the famed political strategist.

    Later, Amit Shah, responding to a question raised by a journalist during a press conference said that there is no permanent foe or friend in politics. He said that with the total merger of INC into BJP, India will become stronger
    He said that India is already emerging as a world leader and with Rahul Gandhi with us, his negative statements will now stop totally which will help BJP a lot.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think Mr PK will not allow the dream to come true. The top brass of the BJP may be really happy as they dream of a Congress-free India but I don't think it will be good for our democracy in any way as there will be no opposition in that case. The regional parties are limited to their own states and come together during elections for reasons known to all of us but they cannot be considered as opposition. I do agree that the way in which the Congress party is going will neither be helpful for the party in the long run but ways must be found for the sake of democracy. India is respected throughout the world because of its great democracy and for any democracy to function, there must be at least a couple of political parties to contest the elections. The situation of the Congress party and various other things have helped Mr Partha to dream such things and if at all such things happen we will be startled.

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    What time do you have the dream? There is a belief that if the dream is just before the sunrise, it will become true very fast. If it is at midnight, chances are less.
    There is an attempt going on to combine local parties in South India with congress. I heard that PK is trying to make YSR CP of AP have a poll understanding with Congress. Similarly, some other moves are also taking place. So I don't think your dream will come true even if you had it just before the sunrise.
    If that happens, all the Bakthas of Rahul Gandhi should also join in BJP. So Congress will merge with BJP and there will not be any Congress party in our country. But it is not good got the country. A good opposition party is always required in a democracy. But people say even now there is no good opposition in the LS. In the absence of strong opposition, the ruling party will do whatever it wants. That is what we are witnessing in AP these days.

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    That was the hilarious dream from the author and surely I had a good laugh after hectic summer day today and this post gave me a pep to write something. Some years ago there was a suggestion in Tamil Nadu that both AIADMK and DMK merge as one so that there cannot be any other party entering the fray and they would stay in power for whole life. Same way if Rahul Gandhi dismantles the Congress and join the BJP , surely he would be given a ticket for corporator in Delhi or Uttar Pradesh to begin with. He must daily undergo the RSS drill in the morning and take pledge that he will work for Hindutva and nothing else. The media would be around him and not Yogi for sure But such a thing cannot happen in India because the dream was so demeaning and cannot be digested at the time when PK going to enter and revamp.

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    There are many things in our subconscious minds that are often reflected in our dreams. These matters are collected by us through various media available surrounding us and we get so many interesting things from the political scenario and social environment which accumulate in our minds and create bizarre patterns while we are sleeping and dreaming. During the dreams what we see is not exactly what is happening around but it is a complex mixture of various thoughts in our minds overlapped with the old thoughts deeply buried in our subconscious minds. Such a complex mix of things can create unusual and seemingly impossible images in our minds that we ponder when we are awakened from our sombre.
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