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    You can say sorry but you can't change the story

    In many situations, people do mistakes and hurt people. Wise people apologize for their folly and say sorry, some people don't realize their mistakes. I do categorize both types of people in the same category because even when you apologize, things cannot be erased from the heart though it helps in not ruining the relationship.

    I am a sort of a person who thinks several times before action as I hate feeling sorry afterward. How about you, do you say sorry often or let the things be what it was?
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    I am also very careful while working so that mistakes may not happen so that I need not say sorry to anybody. Even though we say sorry the mistakes will not be corrected until we correct them. So always it is better to be cautious always so that mistakes will be minimum.
    Even after taking all care sometimes, some mistakes may happen. To err is human. We need not hesitate to say sorry and accept our mistakes. I will definitely go and regret the mistake done by me and say sorry to the other person who is suffering because of our mistake.
    Anyhow just saying sorry may not change the story. If there is any chance to correct the mistakes we should attempt that and see that the damage because of the mistakes is minimum. That is the responsibility of the person who committed that mistake. One should not hesitate to accept his mistake and try to correct it to the maximum possible extent.

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    Sanjeev thanks for sharing a wonderful thought process through this post. In Tamil there is a great saying " Theeyinal sutta punn arumay, aaradhe Navinal sutta vadu" that means even the injuries got through the fire would heal sooner or later but not those remarks come out of one's mouth. Normally people make cascading remarks against others and when questioned they would say sorry but the remarks already hurt the person and he could not forget that easily and therefore what the author said is hundred percent true that the story remains, For me I not the person to hurt others but always take the liberty to correct them in my own style. They would take the same in the right earnest and they wont mind even if it is the personal matter because the age speaks volume and one understands that seniors are always right.
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    Some other people feel that I am an obstinate person and I don't generally say sorry. But, I do know that when I genuinely feel that I committed a mistake, I sincerely feel sorry and say this unhesitatingly. This expression of feeling sorry is not automatic or meaningless, it is genuine from my side.
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    Saying sorry and getting out of the situation is a very common thing that many people do but it is not in a good taste. If we do a mistake then we have to apologise for it and convince the person that it was not done intentionally. A simple sorry would not suffice in such cases and at least a short explanation would be handy. There are many careless people who do not do their homework before executing a job and when some mistake or even blunder happens they get away with a polite sorry. Many times they suffer because of that attitude as the higher-ups punish them for their indifference. Mistakes done are punishable if they are not accepted and understood fully so as not to repeat them in future.
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    There is a saying "think and act, do not think after-action". Because many of us are in a hurry to make decisions, over time our decisions or actions often prove to be wrong. Their heads heat up very quickly and the flurry of obscene sentences continues, whether face to face or online. Many times they misunderstand and use the word sorry. Many do not feel the need to show any seriousness, such as admitting the mistake or apologizing for the wrong action. This often happens to us. The sorrow that is given to another by saying sorry, cannot be taken out of his heart. So I think it is everyone's duty to judge the nature of everything before doing anything.
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