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    Are students far too dependent on spoon feeding?

    Let's keep aside the fact that learning went online for over two years and students did not have access to the campus library or even be able to purchase their study books.

    During my college days, I noticed that many students just sit and listen to the teacher (or, more likely, let their minds wander!). There were some though, who made it a point to bring along a notebook or sheets of paper to jot down notes while the teacher explained things. Students would generally expect that the teachers would later literally dictate notes for them to jot down. They also did not heed the instructions of the teachers to visit the library and refer to the recommended books to gain more knowledge on the subject. Why is it that students expect to be spoon-fed? Surely they are grown-up enough to be able to understand, ask questions if they don't, jot down important points, use their library card to take books home and read, etc.
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    Even before joining the school, the kids start learning at home from their parents. Thus, it is the responsibility of the parents to make them realise and get habituated to paying due attention to learning. Many parents become overwhelmed with the joy of having a growing kid, often forgetting that good parenting includes grooming the kid to become good students in future.

    The students have to take their studies seriously. Generally, kids of teachers and other studious parents also become more attentive in their classroom. Similarly, the kids of couples believing more in the pleasures of life are likely to become playful and lesser responsible towards their studies.

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    The mindset of the students would not change unless they are encouraged to learn the basic things clearly and the same is to be written in their own words. This what is indicated in the question papers distributed in the examination hall but unfortunately this vital point is ignored. What to talk of students of schools, the same pattern follows even in the college days. They remain interested to jot down the points as dictated by the professors and the same thing would be produced in their paper sheets of the examinations. This rot learning would not allow them to be creative unless the professors/ teachers encourage them to go in for their independent writings.

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    Expecting the teacher to dictate notes is not correct. That will make the student ineffective. Whatever is dictated by the teacher will be byhearted by the students and they reproduce in the examination. That will never make the student understand the subject well. In our school and college days, teachers were not giving notes. When the teacher was explaining the subject we used to note down the important points and then we used to make full notes by referring to important books. This was in intermediate and graduation.
    In High school, there were prescribed textbooks. We used to read the lesson and write answers for all the questions given at the end of the lesson and submit them to the teacher for correction. This process is used to help us in understanding the subject well.
    But these days parents and teachers want the kids to get as many marks as possible and that is why teachers dictate, parents make their children byheart those notes and reproduce them so that they will get maximum marks.

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    The reason for a student who is attending the classes must listen to the teacher, jot down the important points which are very much needed because a teacher tries to explain out of context matters which would be with best example and her past experience, and also write instructions which is given time and again and also refer to recommended books to gain more on the subject. If the students are lethargic and wont give the credence, then they are losers to which the teachers may not worry. And when the performance comes before the teacher and the parents , the later would surely question the teacher as to why she was lethargic towards her child and why she failed to inform his rare behavior. Even at the home when the parents are not taking care, the spoon feeding children cannot function at any level in future.
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    Very few students are serious towards their studies. This was a fact in the past times and is still continuing. Many students believe that there parents are asking them to do so. This is a very strange situation but is happening in real life. Such students are the ones who do not pay attention to the teacher in the class and feel that it is the teacher's responsibility to teach them and make them learn the topic in spite of the fact that they have a little or no interest in it.
    It is interesting to note that such students are habitual of spoon feeding. They have no self motivation for study.

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    Yes, many of the students want to be spoon-fed. The reason is simple and hopefully easy to understand too. Let me give an example to understand it in a better way. When I was in Class 8/9, I went to a coaching centre of a famous teacher of Biology in our area. He was a good teacher and was famous because whoever followed his notes scored good marks. During the introduction, he told my father that nowadays parents send their children to those teachers who help them to score high marks and not for very good knowledge of the subject. I hope these words are enough to understand the situation. Ask any parents and you will find that they are more concerned about how much the students score and how better they can perform if they go to so and so coaching centres. I think there is a way to score good marks and that is to follow some good notes from some renowned teachers. If this concept of the study is ingrained in the children from the very beginning by most of the parents then they would like to be spoon-fed only rather than going in-depth. Those who think that knowledge is more important than scoring wonderful marks make their own notes and follow the teachers.

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    I believe that a student will rely on spoon feeding only if they are reluctant to learn. I've noticed that especially in private schools and universities, they worry a lot about their averages therefore often rely on the spoon feeding system to generate good results from their students. In that case too, there are exceptions who wants to study willingly and are enthusiastic to learn more and engage more. If a school or college doesn't let these kind of energetic students thrive then they will have to turn into spoon feeders too. The examination system of our education system have forced the kinds to learn only what's given to them so that they can pass the exams. The scope to go out and learn things hampers their marks in the examination which is why they often tend to be robots. Therefore, i believe it is the surroundings that has framed out children to be spoon feeders. If we appreciate their curiosity from the start and let them learn their way and not rely on marks then only they will be able to grow and learn.
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    Indeed, rote learning has killed curiosity, the keenness to ask questions, to seek answers. The pressure to score high marks and the emphasis on joining a coaching institute is also a relevant point made in this discussion.

    I think teachers should be firm, and not dictate notes or provide them to the students. Once students realize that they are not going to get notes from the teachers, they will likely have better concentration in the class and seek information themselves, too. It will encourage them to do self-study as well.

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