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    What if humans had two lives, one to learn by committing mistakes and other to live without regrets?

    I think, ideally that humans ought to have two lives, the first one exclusively for learning by committing mistakes and the subsequently the final one to lead a peaceful life without having regrets of committing mistakes.

    No amount of teaching and preachings from the parents and teachers enables the people to learn. The advice of family members, relatives and friends also proves insufficient in the long run. One needs to wait for committing a blunder to get a lesson for a lifetime. Thus a lot of time is wasted in learning the lessons and thus the effective period to live gets lessened considerably.

    I know that this thought is purely a utopian dream but still what is the harm in living to the hilt a few hours by inviting and reading the interesting comments of fellow ISCians?
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    The author has been coming with very good threads these days and this one is the top notch. There is a popular saying in Hindi, that ' Galthian karo magar wahi galti dubara math karna" meaning, make mistakes but never repeat the same mistake. Mistakes are the milestone for the corrections and understanding the issue and matter so that we become more alert and refined in future not to commit the same. Life is one and we have to mold the same in right way. And those who work or initiate something new would certainly commit the mistake and that is the indication that right earnest progress has been made. And what is the use of such life without taking any interest in activities, not initiating any work for the fear of committing mistakes? Mistakes are bound to happen and just take the lesson from every mistake and move on.
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    Our soul is permanent but the only body is temporary. We have many births. But unfortunately, we will not remember what we were at our previous birth. If God gives us that facility of remembering what we did in our previous birth, then what the author said will be a reality. We remember what mistakes we did in our previous life and remember the lessons learnt and we will be happy in this birth without committing mistakes.
    But another issue is this birth we are human beings but in our next birth we need not be human beings, we may be an animal or a bird or an insect. In such a case, there is no use even though we remember what we did in the previous birth. Consecutively we should have two births as human beings and we should remember what we did in our previous birth, then what is envisaged by the author will come true.
    The best is to do good in this life, help others and these acts may help us to have a peaceful and happy life in the next birth.

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    Life cannot be without problems and then finding solutions through hard work and continuous efforts. That is how life progresses ahead. To dream or conjecture about a life having no ups and downs is merely a phantasy and has no practical sanctity. We wish for that but that is a mirage only that exists at the far end of the horizon alluding to us. The environment in which we live gives us many favourable situations but at times it becomes a harsh entity to challenge us to face it and struggle to get out of that situation. We cannot think of life without hard work and struggle as they are the basic elements for human survival and those who fail in attaining that would doom in the lap of nature.
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    We cannot predict in what yoni we would be taking our births in the next time and so we should enjoy this life with the fullest. It does not mean that enjoyment should be at the cost of harassing others. We should utilise the same providing comforts to our known people so that they would be benefited with our sacrifices. However, we all are prone to commit mistakes sometimes and correcting the same from our end should be followed immediately. Mistakes might happen during the performance of any job and once the same is corrected, it can improve our performance in the jobs whatever we do. Life could be more meaningful if we could derive pleasure whatever we do.

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