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    Our life expectancy depends on eating habits or society we live ?

    This could be a tricky question to the members who may be wondering as to how our life is concerned with eating habits and the habitat where we life. Certainly when we live in the good society there would be conditional behavior on our life patterns and styles and that even includes the eating habits and therefore the health would be under total control and even longer life is assured. That is the reason being so those who live in the vicinity of temples or the four streets are having their best life and even live more. Any comments?
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    The author has raised a very interesting topic indicating the conditions how our life expectancy can be raised mentioning two vital aspects. Here both the components are vital. If we take diets full of nutrients, it will have its positive effects and it will nourish our organs giving us a chance of more survival. Apart from that, we should have good companies so that stress is not developed. Despite the fact that food taken by us highly nutritious, our rate of survival could be poor if we contract high blood pressure, diabetes and other health disorders due to excess stress. Undue stress develops due to bad companies and as such living with friends or people who can offer lively talks can be always beneficial thus raising our life expectations.

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    We take meals daily at least 3-4 times which provides the necessary nutrients to nourish our body and energy to work. Therefore, obviously the nature of the food we take matters. Food containing too much oil and spices puts extra pressure on our digestive system and therefore weakens it. The liquids which we drink determine the health of our kidneys. Thus if we are not taking well balanced and nutritious food then our longevity can get affected adversely. The bad habits of consuming alcoholic drinks, tobacco and other intoxicating substances definitely lessen longevity.

    Similarly, living in a cordial and peaceful environment in the company of good people increases longevity as unnecessary stresses are not created. Leading a simple and frugal life devoid of many longings increases longevity.

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    Professor Christopher Moore, director of the Institute of Hales Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, said that the daily diet plan of people around the world is one of the major determinants of their health and life expectancy.
    Researchers say that salt is the most harmful. Bread, soy sauce, or processed meats, all of which have salt in them, reduce life expectancy the most. This daily diet is the cause of death for one in every five people in the world. Excess salt raises blood pressure. Which increases the risk of stroke or heart attack. In addition, salt has a direct effect on the heart and blood vessels. Which creates the risk of heart failure. Eating fewer nuts and seeds, milk, fish, meat, and vegetables is shortening people's life expectancy.
    On the other hand, social conditions can greatly increase stress, which in turn increases the risk to life and can be responsible for shortening life expectancy. So I agree with the author.

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    Our eating habits will play an important role in our life. If we want to be healthy, we should have good eating habits. Our health is our wealth. So one should keep an eye on food habits and follow a systematic way of living, we will have good health. Good health may ensure the longevity of life.
    At the same time, we should have peace of mind also to have a calm and pleasant life. This pleasant living will ensure better health in turn will give us longevity.
    One should not eat junk food and should not get addicted to drinks and tobacco products. They will also have a lot of impact on our health. Vegetarian f food is always desirable and timely eating will give us better health.

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