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    The Great Man Has Announced His Next Move

    This great man is now cynosure of all eyes of the anti-BJP establishments. The so-called journalists always keep a watch on what he eats, when he shaves and with whom he talks. Almost in every evening, we can watch his interview with television channels or news portals. This great man is the opposition's current hope against the BJP and its allies for the next two-three years.

    This great man is Prashant Kishor, a professional election strategist. He is now also known as PK.

    PK has announced his next plan. This professional election strategist is now going to join Congress. He has proposed a set of professional reforms in the top leadership of Congress. He has proposed inclusion of a non-Gandhi leader at the top echelon of the party decision-making positions.

    I am also watching this new development which is brewing, with amusement. I have two questions in this regard. Firstly, I am curious to know if a professional strategist joins a particular political party, won't he lose his professional edge? At least some experts feel so. Secondly, I am very curious to know whether Congress accepts PK's initial suggestion and includes a non-Gandhi leader in the top decision-making positions.

    Members! What is your opinion? Will PK be successful after joining a particular political party? And, will his suggestion for restructuring Congress be accepted?
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    PK is hired by KCR in Telangana. KCR wanted the third front to come to power in the Centre which will not have either Congress or BJP as a constituent in that. He did some surveys and made a report and gave it to KCR. But now he joined Congress. What made him join that party? Now, what will happen to his association with KCR in Telangana? I am a little confused.
    Even though RG and SG accept the proposal of PK to have a non-Gandhi family member as the leader, the other bhaktas in the party may not accept. We have seen this time again. A strategist becoming a politician may not ensure success. It is easy to plan things for others but when it comes to self the entire issue will be different.
    It is really good if he can see that non-Gandhi family members become the party chief of Congress, good days may come for the party.

    always confident

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    Prashant Kishor joining Congress is something a great business left and joining as a apprentice in a company. We know PK has helped many small regional parties against the Congress and BJP and the latest beneficiary was Mamta Didi. When he is playing different cards in different states, how can he be trusted and taken into Congress. Firstly there was a talk that he would help Congress to regain its old glory and make win the elections against BJP. But his joining the party and leaving his poll strategist business is something looking fish for me. That he wants to know fully about Congress from Inside and then make a move for other parties in future and that is the reason dissent voices already started inside Congress not to take PK into the party except Digvijay who is upbeat over his entry into the party.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I reiterate my questions.
    I want to know:-
    (i) Will PK be equally successful as an election strategist after joining a particular political party?
    (ii) Will his suggestions for restructuring Congress be accepted?

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    The answer to these two questions is the same. Wait and see. Time alone can answer these questions.
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    What is the ulterior motive of PK is best known to him. There is the room of some suspicion of his move by going through the past record and at this moment, it is not very clear how he will move in the upcoming time. He might go a little further to know the attitudes of the different congress men with his joining so that full picture is known to him. However, it is still not decided who is gain popularity more himself or the congress. Clear picture will emerge after some time. Until then, we would see how the equations are changing.

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    As far as successfulness of PK is concerned, what I feel that Congress heavily banks on vote bank politics and any particular candidate is picked up either on the popularity of his caste or his connect with the voters in the constituency. Except the educated lot of few, PK may not be known to the popular voters of Congress vote bank and thus I have big doubt about his winning chances. And regarding his PK Suggestions to Congress restructuring may not be acceptable because it would amount to axing some leaders and bringing in ew leaders to the fore. Congress always had the problems of so many leaders and so little posts and seats to which it is eligible to allot and therefore PK suggestion may not go through. And PK entry to the confused Congress is only to benefit the BJP in big way which is more organized and poised to grow.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let us all remember that Prashant Kishor had previously worked with Congress on the disastrous campaign in UP in 2017 and with the Punjab Congress before abandoning them ahead of their electoral drubbing.

    Let us enjoy the internal game (churning) within Congress on this issue.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    Prashant Kishor earlier stint with Congress as the strategist in 2017 was disastrous because he failed to gauge the popularity of BJP that time and even PK wronged the Congress on Punjab. But what attracted the Congress that his strategic output to other parties across India did pave way for their landslide winning and thus Congress wants to forget the past failure and give PK a chance. Moreover when taken into the party he should be more cordial, more working, more alert and be a advisor to Sonia and Rahul on BJP overtures and thus can prove to be a great help. But on the other hand BJP is keeping all the pending corruption cases ready to be reopened at the right time so that even PK would be put under pressure as to he is supporting a corrupted party to which the voters are no way thinking of supporting it again.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The latest news says that Prashant Kishor wants Priyanka to lead the party and he lacks leadership to join the Congress and that puts the speculations that he is joining the Congress. But he seems to have given lots of thought process to the party leadership and he has to back out joining the party as there was no wide acceptance. And this new development would be advantage to the BJP which is watching the insecure Congress grasping for national attention and wants to get revamped and gain the past glory. One thing is sure, politics is no more a family business and Congress must come out this clutches and then only there could be some sort of regaining the old strength and move forward.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    PK is a professional strategist and had undertaken many projects and is well reputed in his area of work. If he believes that Congress party can be restructured to come up to its old glory then he must have some sound reasoning for that. Having those things in mind he might have thought to join Congress to get a good position in the restructured party. That could be the only motivating factor for him and only coming times would tell whether he would be successful in his objective.
    In my opinion he would not be able to gain anything by joining Congress at this juncture because Congress party has lost its image in public and it's revival seems unlikely.
    Let us see what magic PK brings in to change this situation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Umesh, he is not joining Congress nor his suggestions are going to be taken as Congress leadership itself confused over his entry into the party and many of them opposing him to join.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I wonder why no one has till now mentioned the relation of this so-called 'great' man with the BJP. Why no mention has been made till now that it was the BJP who first utilized his services? The fact is that he was great till the time he was helping the BJP and the adjective has now been given a sarcastic twist since he moved out of the group and started working, as part of his business plans, for other parties across India.

    Regarding the speculation that he would be joining the Congress party and his later decision not to do so, can we say it for sure that the scene created was not part of his strategic plans? I doubt.

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    Prashant Kishore is a famous psephologist in Indian politics. Since politics is a big adventurous business so I think he should be called a safologist too.
    The author has raised an issue about his joining congress party but now he is not joining it.
    Prashant Kishore started his career as psephologist with CM of Gujarat and when Modiji was projected as PM candidate in 2014 parliamentary elections PK's mind was working behind entire election campaign . Abki bar Modi sarkar was his best slogan which played a pivotal role
    PK has worked with congress, TMC, AAP, JDU etc in past.

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    "Prashant Kishore is a famous psephologist in Indian politics. "------------ I feel that PK is not a psephologist. Psephologists try to predict the result of an election beforehand.
    But PK is an election strategist and he tries to influence voters on behalf of a party by taking some definite and positive-looking steps/stunts.

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    In all probability, the proposal of Prashant Kishor for a major structural change couldn't be digested by the Congress bigwigs. Rahul-ji left the country in anger and others rejected the proposal. And PK-Sahab has rejected the party.

    So, the terrible status quo!

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    What the author shared is more baffling. When other political parties in the country is changing with new way of thinking as to how to grab the attention of the voters and benefit, Congress cannot come out of the family phobia and cannot have an outside as the President of the party and thus doomed further.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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