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    For the loved ones we all go an extra mile

    Have you ever wondered how we often go an extra mile for people whom we love and cherish which we won't go for ourselves why is that? There are a lot of things that we won't do for ourselves and but if someone asks us with love we will be ready to do that. For example- Parents won't do many things like caring for themselves when they are ill and sick but as soon as their child goes sick their guards will be up and they will act like a doctor.
    Or in the case of spouses as well the way they take care of each other. The simple explanation is love but is love the only reason as in many cases people are angry, hurt and even hate to do such things but still do. What is that thing that makes us walk the extra mile? is it just love or something else as well.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a real happening few days back. One of my relative wanted to taste the Jackfruit and asked me to fetch one. And I know the places where they are available and tried to have it. Unfortunately being Sunday, the fruit was there but the vendor closed the gate and could not purchase. But I had decided to go with the fruit come what may. Then gone to a known friend house who always shared the fruit every year. As I went he was so happy to receive me and shown me the jackfruits which have become ripe and need to be cut. I was so happy to have one. But I asked him for two. Because I never gone such a extra mile to fetch for my family so they are also eligible to have the fruit. But my relative was so happy and he never parted with the fruit however I already had one and that ends the matter.
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    The interest we have in doing a job will make us go the extra mile.
    I was working in Visakhapatnam when I got married. I invited many of my friends and colleagues to the marriage function and also arranged a reception in Vizag after the marriage. But some of my close friends promised me that they will attend the marriage. The marriage took place in a far away place. But my friends took a bus and then a horse cart and reached the marriage venue in the midnight. As they have that liking for me they took that difficult and travelled an extra mile and attended the function. This is an example for the extramile travelling for the people whom we like.
    All depends on the person's interest and the liking towards the job will makeus to take extra risk or responsibility. When we are doing a job, if we love that job we will not leave it the middle. We will complete that even after taking some dificuity.

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    Love is a great force and makes people go that extra mile that the author of this post has mentioned. But there are some other things also that are also very important in this matter. One is the relationship between the family members. In some families there is an inseparable and strong bond between the members and it is seen that generally people there are very helpful and come up to expectations in times of need. All families are not like that and it is unfortunate that in some families members do not care for each other and make excuses for doing help or supporting action. Family traditions play a great role in this. Sometimes in friendship, people do much more help than they can get from their close relatives. So, behavioural dynamics and mutual respect between people are also very crucial in going extra steps for each other. In essence, there are many factors based on human psychology and inter-personal relationship that count for going the extra mile for one another.
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    What the author has mentioned is worthwhile that we are ready to do any sacrifices for our loved ones. We would not mind his rough / arrogant behaviours sometimes we notice in their behaviours. Initially, the same degree of affection cannot be visible from the ones we love but certainly a stage will be seen when they would feel the same intensity for our sacrifices. In the family, there is a strong bond among the family members keeping them tied always. If we could inculcate this element within our members, they would be ready to do anything for us. It would all depend upon how they are being groomed from the very beginning so that there is permanent imprint of healthy family culture among them.

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