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    Have the vision with a mission to surpass the ambition

    Everyone of us has the great ambition in life to become such a person to reckon with as the parents, elders at the home and the friends, relatives should be baffled with the way we got the career fixed on our own and how we stand independently without anybodies push or pull in getting the right job. For that we must have the forthright vision and the progress along should surpass even the targeted ambition. The mission is therefore very important and one must have the courage and commitment to face any kind of obstacles on the way.
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    What is our ambition in our life? Once we know how to achieve the ambition is our mission and we have a plan with a vision to be successful in our mission and achieve our ambition. Having an ambition will never make you achieve it. You have to achieve it with your own efforts and try to be successful. Ultimately it is the smartness of the individual and the hard work of the individual that is the impart aspects of achieving our mission. Our ambition should be for our own happiness and peaceful life but not for getting a good name from others. Getting a name and fame will be the ambition of many people.
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