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    How far we have reached in creating paperless offices?

    Paper is made of wood. Even though we recycle paper, the usage of wood can't be avoided to meet the demand for paper. To get enough wood we have to cut trees. Cutting trees is again an environment unfriendly issue. So it is the need of the hour to reduce the usage of paper.

    Now emails are very popular and we are communicating with others through these emails only and we have almost stopped writing letters and posting them. Even in offices also we started storing soft copies only and to the maximum possible extent we are avoiding taking hard copies. Even after all our efforts also we rarely see paperless offices. Only some IT companies might have achieved this. But all other offices are using paper. The quantum might have been reduced to some extent.

    All offices should start working towards this paperless office? It is better to store all the information as soft copies and avoid taking hard copies and filing them. What is the take of other members on this subject?
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    While the paperless office work has been the dream come true act of the future, but India is still not able to have control over the gadgets which are supposed to keep the soft copies and therefore there is a need for paper to work on stand by activities. Suppose the ATM is not working and we want to withdraw the cash for some urgent commitments, then we have to rush to the bank and seek the same and the voucher or the cheque book is the paper and thus we cannot dispense with and have to depend on the paper. But there has been good effort on the part of many organization and even the freshers are asked to submit the job applications online and not encouraged to send the same through paper. However it would take further years to bring this awareness to full and young generation has the onus on this matter.
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    Though the paperless jobs would prove to be a good relief where the consumption of papers is drastically reduced. We have implemented the same in most of the offices wherever it is possible. However, it will take some more time for its total elimination. The constraints are many discouraging us to go in this direction. In India, there has not been installation of software sufficiently in all the office premises. Even if it is working sometimes, the poor supply of power can cause dislocation of the working activities. It is definitely a healthy option along with paper activities at present and slowly, it might pick up its momentum.

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    The advancements in the IT area and inventions of safe and secure digital systems have fuelled the growth of paperless offices but we have to do much more effort in this direction to reach a really 100% paperless system. We have a plethora of rules, regulations, policies, laws etc which dictate the process of work in our workplace and transforming everything in digital media and online forms is a herculean task. Some areas like online banking and online trading have achieved a good level of performance but in many states Govt level office work, and there are many things that require an unambiguous flow of work process through digital channels. Another important requirement is a robust server and a good internet connection is a prerequisite for converting a physical space to a digital world.
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