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    Sharing what is extra is one of the most Humane Thing to do

    This is a write-up based on a recent event that happened with me and suddenly ISC as well raised such a topic. So I was doing shopping with my cousins in the Chandni Chowk Delhi for one of my cousin's weddings and after all the shopping we were very exhausted and were on the verge of collapsing, so one of our cousins told us to try the famous chat of the Chandni-Chowk and we all agreed and went to a Vendor where there was huge crowd everyone getting their share of plates and relishing it.
    And at the corner near the dustbin was sitting an old widowed lady watching all those leftover plates with nothing left on them. While we were ordering things one of our cousins saw her and bought one extra plate for her of "Bhalle papadi" and gave it to her. She did not realise that the old lady did not have the teeth to eat such a chaat neither do we, we thought why isn't she eating it, so the shopkeeper told us that she wouldn't be able to eat it so we ordered another chaat "Dahi Bhalle" which are quite soft and as soon as we gave it to the old lady, she gave us so many blessings and it felt really nice to do something like that. We all forgot our exhaustion and looked at her eyes and the blessings she was giving and I felt Sharing our extra food was such a humane thing to do. I know it is not something big to be talked about but doing it felt so good and I want more people to do some small gestures like this and feel happy.
    I raised this topic here just to share my experience if you have any such experience do share and if not then I would like to request all ISC members if you ever found yourself in such a situation any old person near such stalls do provide them food, not cash but food especially the old people who are not able to do anything. I am against any form of begging by abled body people and will never like to give them anything but people at such age shouldn't be left on the roads and need to be helped.
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    The author has shared one of the moving happening that she experienced recently and that connects to the tow topic as well. I have the habit of sharing good short videos about animals behavior as my whats app status daily and just one such video is running now which portrays a crow which came across some meat on the road and when it was about to eat, then came a rat running to grab it. But having seen the crow presence the rat would return back to the hole. Intelligent is the crow which is known for sharing things with counterparts but in this case it took a small piece of meat and left it near the rat hole and the rat had it. That was really wonderful to watch the humane approach of a crow towards the rat and what could be the better answer to this thread when the author was writing about the trait in some human beings.
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    Sharing what we have with other people who are in need is a real human quality. Many times we see people feeling hungry on the roadside and we should give them some food so that they will not die because of hunger. Even what we have may be sufficient for us also a part of that should be shared with such people.
    It is very nice to know that you gave some food to an old woman who is feeling hungry. It is good to know that you have extra money with you and with that money you have purchased food and given it to that lady. The blessing you received from that old lady will go long way with you and you will receive all help from GOD when you are in need.
    Many people will be wasting a lot of food. When they are wasting, they should think of people who are dying without food. I heard that in some countries some people who come to restaurants pay the extra money and the restaurants will give food to the person who comes and say that they have no money. I think in our country also we should encourage that system so that deaths due to hunger will reduce.

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    Indeed it's humane and that's what is expected from all. Some people care for others but if everybody had concern for others then it could have been a nice place. Sharing food with the hungry is a noble act and the blessings we get from such noble acts keep us strong.

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