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    Humane approach in elephants can shame the human

    This piece of information may be new to members and yet chilling. That the elephants always moves in herds and they are more communicative and friendly and help each other. When one elephant is not seen and they try to locate the same and when it is found dead, they would rip apart the bones and all other elephants catch the bones and pray obituary by holding the bone and raising the trunk which can even shame the human. We do not even go to the dead person home to pay last respects and the elephants have surpassed the same with this behavior.

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    The animals in a group will take care of each other. This is a well-known fact. The same is the case with birds also. They always protect any bird which is weak and not able to move in their group. If a crow sees a dead body of a crow will be taking rounds only there and go on shouting so that other crows will hear and come there. Slowly the number of crows land there and take away the dead body of that crow. This I observed many times.
    But the behaviour of elephants I never know and thanks to the author for the information. Slowly humanism in human beings is coming down. Many human beings these days are forgetting the way they have to behave with others. Human beings should also understand the problems of other people and help them to the maximum extent possible so that we can proudly say we are human beings. Otherwise, we will be just beings only without human nature.

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    A very nice sentence, As human beings, we are constantly on the verge of decline. Human values, the mentality of coming forward in danger, and the commitment to help people in danger are disappearing day by day. But at one time our social system was not like that. Every person in the society and family knew each other and sowed the mentality of coming forward in someone's danger. It seems that the image of human society is gradually turning gray under the guise of industrialization. The image of the humane society in the village is still fading away in the city. When someone is involved in an accident on the road, there is no frown on the sidewalk or in the people moving in the vehicle. Others should come forward in danger to the extent that they may be the victim of an accident or attack. The fact that the author has revealed the truth about the humaneness of elephants here is really commendable. Today we have reached a stage where we are becoming inferior to animals. So it is important for us to change ourselves.
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    Thanks to the author for sharing the information. If we look at animals we will find that they have strict rules and always abide by them. They do not have any rule book and nobody has to remind them about what to do in various situations concerning the safety of the members of their herd. But we have every rule documented but many do not follow such rules. Yet we feel proud to call ourselves human beings. The very reason for being proud as a human being, i.e. intelligence and sense is not applied in many cases.

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