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    Fasting for Ramadan more challenging than ever before

    This time the Ramadan thirty days fasting going on and today it has entered the 21st day and on 3rd May the grand festival would be celebrated. Every year this festival advances to 27 days and this time the fasting is being observed during the scorching heat of temperature across the country and the faiths would not be drinking water not intake the spit. In that case the challenges among the children and the elders would be more who wanted to keep the fasting and yet the conditions wont allow. I am sure there is no relaxation for anyone and they have to undergo the ordeal of fasting.
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    That is true. Spending a whole day without even drinking water is very difficult in the hot summer. Even after drinking plenty of water, we are feeling thirsty. How children and old persons are managing the whole issue is not known. Probably, there may be some relaxation for the underaged and aged people, I think. We are becoming very tired by evening. In winter the problem will be less but in summer the case is different. I wish all the members of ISC a happy Ramadan month.
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    Really observing fast without taking a single drop of water seems to be a difficult task for all those indulging in the fast. We have felt the inconvenience of abstained water sometimes especially in the summer when we are feeling thirsty and quenching thirst is not possible due to some reasons. This becomes all the more difficult for children and the aged people especially in the summer days. Despite all these odds, they are devoted to observance of the fast. I wish all the members of ISC a happy Ramadan month.

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