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    How about having a all powerful price control authority headed by a Judge?

    In India when the prices rises citing one reason or the other, then there is no restoration of same even the things are improved and normalcy restored and the hoarders are looting the public by creating artificial shortage and all the products, service, commodities and essentials should be brought under a powerful price control authority headed by a popular judge known for his strict integrity and honesty and that would pave way for controlling the prices otherwise common man would be battered with high prices on all counts and no respite at all. Any support for this suggestion ?
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    This indicates the failure of the government. Even after normalcy is restored and the market conditions improved, the prices of all commodities are going up. If the hoarders are responsible, what the government is doing? Is it allowing them to hoard and loot people? This is a clear case of failure of the government. When there is an elected government with many enforcing authorities, what is the need for a Judge to be appointed for controlling the escalating prices? What he can do when the all-powerful government is unable to do?
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    Recruitment of a judge to control the price will not help unless the government is serious on this issue. The government has the different machinery with which they can sort out this issue and even direct state governments to take corrective steps. The state governments can help in a huge way in this regard.They could at least check or keep watch on activities of black marketeers or other agencies pushing up the prices.
    There are other factors as well apart from the one as indicated above. It might be the shortage of production of mustard oils or some other commodities which could escalate the price. The profiteers take advantage of the periodical increase of petroleum products in the market and for any increase say within a fortnight, the transport owners, tempo drivers are taking advantage of the situation by pushing up fares. This is attributable to spiral of the commodities.

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    The judiciary is inextricably linked with the existing political process in the country. The relationship of the judiciary with the various structures of government is present. Naturally, the government often appoints retired judges to various committees. But in the case of rising prices without the restraint of goods, special arrangements need to be made for an immediate decision. Therefore, the price will increase more than the report of the committee. Therefore, in the current situation, with the firm action of the government, a complete decision has to be taken to remove the obstacle of reducing the price. It is true that we still have confidence in the work of the Assembly Court. Yet the judiciary is a part of the government. In this case, I think the government should fulfill its responsibility.
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    "The judiciary is inextricably linked with the existing political process in the country. "---------- Is it so, Dhruba Sir?
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    I do not recommend such authority. The government is there and there are many wings to give good governance to the people. There are systems in place to see that the country will run smoothly. It is the responsibility of the government to see that business people will do business reasonably. There is a mechanism to decide on the rates.
    We see the price of Gold is monitored internationally and it may be increasing and sometimes decreasing also.
    The State and the Central governments should work together. If there are any elements that control the markets and make the pricing unreasonable, suitable action is to be initiated.
    Who will appoint an authority? The government has to appoint the authority. To whom the authority will report? Again to the government only. So there is no point in appointing an authority to control the prices, The prices will be based on demand and availability. Based on the situation prices will be changing. We are seeing an increase and decrease of rates.

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    My suggestion need not seen as the failure of the govt but to tame the officers who fail contain the prices.
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