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    Don’t animals deserve humane treatment?

    Long back, I read about an interesting incident. A young boy entered the forest alone. In the forest, the boy was targeted by the most dangerous animal of Indian forests. A pack of 'dhol' (Indian wild dogs) surrounded him, got ready to attack and kill the boy. But suddenly, a group of elephants reached that spot. The elephants took pity to the boy, gathered around him and accompanied him to the nearest human habitation. Thanks to the intelligent and humane behavior of the wild elephants, the life of the young boy was saved that day.

    In the month of May 2020, a terrible incident happened near the Silent Valley National Park in Kerala. A pregnant elephant entered the pineapple plantation just beside the National Park. Most probably, the elephant consumed some pineapples in the plantation. Two monsters in the form of human being placed locally-made grenades inside some pineapples and fed those pineapples to the elephant. As a result, the elephant suffered terrible injury in its jaws. It suffered from unbearable pain and agony. It started bleeding profusely, tried to get some relief from pain, drink some water and so, it stood in the water of river Velliyar. Ultimately, after suffering for four long days, it succumbed to its injury. Needless to say, the unborn cub also died.

    We shudder to think about the inhumane attitude of two humans. Such a difference of attitude of elephants in the first incident and two humans in the second event!

    Only one question comes to our mind: Don't animals deserve humane treatment from human beings?

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    All living organisms born on the earth deserve humane treatment. The human race is also one such organism. The human race is different from animals because of the psychological development attained. We are witnessing inhuman behavior of the humans not only against animals but also fellow human beings in the name of religion, and region. Humans are occupying the space that belongs to animals and other species. This became evident during the pandemic season. It is not just being a human but being humane is very important.
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    That is true. These days we are finding some people who never respect fellow human beings. They never hesitate to harm others if they are getting some profit by making the others suffer. When you have no regard for a human being, how can we expect humanitarian treatment towards an animal?
    Many times it was proved that animals are better than human beings. A dog never kills a dog. A cat will never kill a cat. But a man never hesitates to kill another man for his selfish interests. Animals are more loyal and helpful to us but we never respect them or treat them properly.

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    This is the clarion call from the author connecting to the Tow topic and truly animals also deserve humane approach and I have seen one video when a mahout who gone for other place and returned after two years and when he would raise the voice, the elephants would run towards him and surround him with great happiness and raise the trunk as if they welcome him over joy. Elephants are most intelligent and most understable animals and the way they get injured by the crooked mentalities of some people is very very pathetic and if this goes unchecked then there is no security for the lives of elephants and who shall fight for their existence. No doubt elephants come in herds and create havoc, but there are ways and means to combat the elephants by digging big hallow on the borders or the fence so that crops are safe.
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